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The Art of Calligraphy

The Art of Calligraphy

The Art of Calligraphy

About Course

Embark on a captivating journey into calligraphy with our concise course. Beginning with an introduction to Faux Calligraphy and mastering basic lines, swiftly progress to crafting elegant letters like A, B, C, and D, followed by M, N, P, O, and Q. Delve into the artistry of numbers and create beautiful four-letter words. Explore the emotive power of quotes, transitioning from the first set to a more complex set, and conclude by crafting personalized bookmarks. This course offers a focused yet comprehensive exploration of calligraphy, enabling you to express creativity through meticulously crafted lettering and designs.

Course Overview

Our sole mission is to offer a platform for learners to explore various activities and delve into diverse subjects and hobbies beyond conventional education. This Christmas, we're unveiling Santa's surprise by offering a selection of free learning opportunities. Simply register yourself and indulge in the joy of discovering something new. Happy learning!


What You Will Learn

In This Video You Will Learn:

1. Basics of faux calligraphy

2. Distinctive styles and designs of calligraphy and lettering

3. How to make elementary pen strokes

4. Letter, word and number formation

5. Watercolour Calligraphy


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. Principal calligraphy tools such as pencil, pens, paper, cardstock, brushes, watercolour etc.

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Lesson 1- What is Faux Calligraphy?

Lesson 2

Lesson 2- Basic lines

Lesson 3

Lesson 3- Letter a,b,c,d

Lesson 4

Lesson 4- Letter m,n,o,p,q

Lesson 5

Lesson 5- Letter A,B,C,D

Lesson 6

Lesson 6- Numbers 0-9

Lesson 7

Lesson 7- Four letter words

Lesson 8

Lesson 8- Quotes -1

Lesson 9

Lesson 9- Quotes -2

Lesson 10

Lesson 10- Bookmark

A course by

Art has been a passion and profession for Jasnoor Kaur, the trainer for Mittsure’s Calligraphy course. Jasnoor is a self-learned artist. She has been closely associated with calligraphy and craft since 2009 and invokes optimism through art for herself and others. Jasnoor believes that calligraphy is an important design tool to conjure up expressive creativity through writing.

Jasnoor Kaur conducts regular workshops and helps others learn and acquire artistic skills. As a volunteer, she has conducted multiple art & craft workshops for students.

Jasnoor explores the globe through her compositions, designs, colours and materials. She exhibits her art in several online and offline exhibitions across the globe.

Apart from faux calligraphy painting, Jasnoor is also interested in painting, decoupage, doodle art, warli art, drawing & painting, Mehandi art, candle making, and waste crafts. She is an expert in faux calligraphy and knows different calligraphy styles and designs, calligraphy letter variations, number calligraphy, faux calligraphy with watercolour and hand-lettered calligraphy fonts.

Teaching has been part of Jasnoor’s life for 6 years now. She believes that her decision to tutor people and students is the best decision of her life and she takes joy and pride in teaching others.

Jasnoor is always on a hunt to tutor people using different mediums. Currently, one of the platforms she is using to enhance others' skills is Mittsure Calligraphy course. Mittsure is happy to have her on board to help individuals enhance their talent.

1. Individuals of age 8 and above

2. No prior experience is required. The course is for beginners

3. All children & adults

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)