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Keyboard Mastery : Advanced Techniques and Chords

Keyboard Mastery : Advanced Techniques and Chords

Keyboard Mastery : Advanced Techniques and Chords

About Course

The Keyboard Mastery: Advanced Techniques and Chords course is designed to elevate your keyboard playing skills to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, this course will help you explore a wide range of advanced techniques and chords. You'll delve into various musical aspects, including speed building exercises, fingerpicking, chord formations, and playing popular songs. This comprehensive course is a gateway to unlocking the true potential of your keyboard-playing abilities.

Course Overview

In this extensive course, you will cover a diverse range of topics. You'll start with speed building exercises for both hands, learn to play arpeggios in various keys, delve into fingerpicking techniques, master major and minor scales, and explore chord formations. The course also covers keyboard functions and features, as well as playing popular songs like "Jaan Nisaar," "Namo Namo," "Taare Zameen Par," and more. Additionally, you'll gain insight into advanced chord types like seventh chords, suspended chords, diminished chords, and augmented chords.


What You Will Learn

1. Enhance your keyboard playing speed and dexterity with exercises for both left and right hands.

2. Explore arpeggios in various major and minor keys.

3. Master the chromatic scale and a wide range of arpeggios.

4. Develop fingerpicking skills for playing melody lines.

5. Understand major and minor scales and chord formations.

6. Learn to swap chords efficiently by making minimal note changes.

7. Familiarize yourself with keyboard functions and features, including style, sync, tempo, and more.

8. Play popular songs such as "Jaan Nisaar," "Namo Namo," and "Taare Zameen Par."

9. Acquire knowledge of advanced chord types like seventh chords, suspended chords, diminished chords, and augmented chords.


To enroll in the Keyboard Mastery: Advanced Techniques and Chords course, you will need the following:

1. A keyboard or electronic piano.

2. Basic knowledge of keyboard fundamentals and playing skills.

3. Access to a metronome is recommended but not mandatory.

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Session 31 - Speed Building Exercise For Left & Right Hand  


Lesson 2

Session 32 - Contrary Motion In C Major 2 Arpeggios In C and D Minor   


Lesson 3

Session 33 - Chromatic Scale 2 , Arpeggios of Em , F,G , Am and B diminished   


Lesson 4

Session 34 - Fingerpicking Exercises 1 - How finger picking is used in playing melody lines also     

Lesson 5

Session 35 - Arpeggios of EFGA and  B major . Major Arpeggios completed . A brief introduction   

Lesson 6

Session 36 - 1- Major scales ( Complete all 7) 2- Major and Minor Chords Formation

Lesson 7

Session 37 - How to easily swap chords by changing only 1 or 2 notes . 2- Minor chords Formation    

Lesson 8

Session 38 - Arpeggios of the minor chords

Lesson 9

Session 39 - Arpeggios of Fm    Gm Am and Bm2 . Arpeggios Exercises    

Lesson 10

Session 40 - Broken Chords and exercises    

Lesson 11

Session 41 - Khamo Shiyan Part - 1    

Lesson 12

Session 42 - Khamo Shiyan Part - 2    

Lesson 13

Session 43 - Khamo Shiyan Part - 3 ( Final part )     

Lesson 14

Session 44 - Left hand patterns with right hand rhythms  

Lesson 15

Session 45 - Keyboard Functions :-  Style , Sync START STOP , Fills , intro, tempo, playing with beat.....    

Lesson 16

Session 46 - Keyboard function and features Metronome , Registration bank and how to use    

Lesson 17

Session 47 - Keyboard Function and Features Split , Dual , Arpeggios , Harmony and    Transpose   

Lesson 18

Session 48 - Jaan Nisaar part-1   

Lesson 19

Session 49 - Jaan Nisaar part-2   

Lesson 20

Session 50 - Jaan Nisaar part-3   

Lesson 21

Session 51 - Namo Namo ( Kedarnath ) Part -1     

Lesson 22

Session 52 - Namo Namo ( Kedarnath ) Part -2     

Lesson 23

Session 53 - Namo Namo ( Kedarnath) Part- 3    

Lesson 24

Session 54 - learn three types of seventh chords

Lesson 25

Session 55 - Major of 7 chords

Lesson 26

Session 56 - learn how to play suspended chord -2 & 4

Lesson 27

Session 57 - Diminished chord & Augmented chords

Lesson 28

Session 58 - Taare Zameen Par song maa part-1

Lesson 29

Session 59 - Taare Zameen Par song maa part-2

Lesson 30

Session 60 - Chords substitution & how to play the chord in easy method

A course by

Our trainer, Baldeep Pradhan has been associated with music in different forms, right from playing the drums, piano and guitar to sound engineering. Baldeep started his teaching career in 2001, and his music journey traverses 20 years. He strongly believes music can reduce stress, help people relax and change one‚Äôs mood to brighten their day. Baldeep composes and produces his music by applying his techniques and knowledge of theory. Baldeep‚Äôs knowledge of sound engineering is perceived to be an added advantage that leverages his ability to play with sounds/music and improvise. Baldeep has constantly improved his knowledge and acquired musical skills along his journey. He is a Grade 8 electric guitarist, and he is currently pursuing Grade 8 in Electronic Keyboard from Trinity College London. ‚ÄúNo one size fits all‚ÄĚ- he believes that every student‚Äôs need is different and goes the extra mile to meet the needs of his students. Baldeep Pradhan is focused on inculcating the students with computer-designed music skills. Mittsure is happy to bring Baldeep on board to help individuals learn music.

This course caters to a diverse audience, including:

1. Keyboard enthusiasts looking to advance their playing skills.

2. Aspiring musicians seeking to improve their keyboard proficiency.

3. Music educators interested in expanding their teaching repertoire.

4. Anyone passionate about learning to play popular songs and mastering advanced keyboard techniques.

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)