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This course introduces Kathak fundamentals, starting with posture, greetings, and the art of tying ghungroos. Students delve into laya (rhythm) comprehension, mastering balancing exercises and walking techniques in vilambhit laya (slow tempo). They progress to basic tatkaar (footwork) and foot exercises, learning Teentaal rhythm recitation and incorporating stretching routines. The curriculum aims to establish a strong foundation in Kathak, encompassing posture, rhythm, footwork, and physical conditioning.

Course Overview

Our sole mission is to offer a platform for learners to explore various activities and delve into diverse subjects and hobbies beyond conventional education. This Christmas, we're unveiling Santa's surprise by offering a selection of free learning opportunities. Simply register yourself and indulge in the joy of discovering something new. Happy learning!


What You Will Learn

1. The basics of Kathak postures

2. How to tie and carry Ghongroos

3. Learn different layas and mudras

4. The art of storytelling through abhinays and facial expressions

5. Balance between the neck and hand positions

6. Count in Teentals (16 rhythms) and other different tempos

7. Move with grace and confidence while performing Kathak


1. High-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. Open space to practice dance

3.Ghongroos or anklebells

4. Traditional Kathak clothing is optional

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 - Basic Posture of kathak

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 - Kathak Namaskaar

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 - Procedure for tieing ghungroos

Lesson 4

Lesson 4 - Understanding of laya

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 - Balancing exercises between neck and hands in vilambhit laya

Lesson 6

Lesson 6 - Way of walking in music

Lesson 7

Lesson 7 - Basic tatkaar

Lesson 8

Lesson 8 - Basic Footwork exercises

Lesson 9

Lesson 9 - Basic Teentaal Padhant

Lesson 10

Lesson 10 - Basic Streching Exercise

A course by

Dance has been a passion and profession for Priyanka Sharma, the trainer for Mittlearn Kathak course. She has been associated with dancing since 2009. She believes that dance helps her to express better.

Priyanka Sharma holds a B.A (Kathak) degree from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Delhi. She also enhanced her knowledge and skill by attending numerous workshops. She attended workshops by Padma Vibushan Kathak Mastero Birju Maharaj and Sadhana Kulkarni.

Priyanka Sharma’s love for dance drives her to teach students. She has been in the profession for more than 11 years. She served as a dance teacher, instructor and Kathak teacher. She also believes that dance incorporates a plethora of benefits. She believes it helps students stay focused and disciplined and enhances their creativity. Dance is also considered a physical activity that helps students stay healthy and fit.

Priyanka Sharma takes pride and joy in teaching students. Apart from dancing, she considers her decision to teach is the best. Currently, she is using Mittlearn platform as a tool to teach students Kathak, thereby helping adults and children acquire the dancing skill.

Mittlearn is happy to have her on board to help individuals learn the dance form of Kathak.

1. Children of age 3 yrs. And above

2. The course is for beginners. No knowledge or experience is required

3. Boys, girls and adults who wish to learn Kathak or brush their Kathak skills

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)