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Advanced Beatbox Techniques: Level 2 Mastery

Advanced Beatbox Techniques: Level 2 Mastery

Advanced Beatbox Techniques: Level 2 Mastery

About Course

Welcome to the Beatbox Intermediate Masterclass! This course is designed for aspiring beatboxers who have already acquired basic beatboxing skills and are now eager to take their talent to the next level. Throughout this comprehensive program, we will dive into various advanced beatboxing techniques and styles, empowering you to create mesmerizing beats and rhythms using just your voice.

What You Will Learn

In this course, you will learn a wide range of beatboxing techniques and applications, including:
1. Click Sound Technique: Master the art of producing crisp click sounds, a foundational element for beatbox rhythms.
2. Indian Style Beatboxing: Explore the rich rhythms and unique patterns of Indian beatboxing, adding cultural flair to your performances.
3. Filler in Beats: Understand the importance of using fillers to add texture and complexity to your beats, making them more engaging and dynamic.
4. Desi Beat / Indian Beat: Discover the distinctive Desi beat style, which incorporates traditional Indian music elements into beatboxing.
5. Snare Outwards & Variations: Learn how to execute snare sounds outward and experiment with different variations for creative beatboxing possibilities.
6. Rizzer & Its Types: Explore the versatile rizzer technique and its various applications in beatboxing.
7. Mic Technique: Understand how to hold and use a microphone effectively during your performances for optimal sound projection.
8. Freestyle in Beatboxing: Develop your freestyle abilities, allowing you to improvise and create beats on the spot with confidence.


To make the most of this Beatbox Intermediate Masterclass, you should have:
1. A basic understanding of beatboxing techniques, such as kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds.
2. A passion for beatboxing and a desire to push your skills to the next level.
3. A willingness to practice regularly and experiment with new techniques.

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Session 31 - Vocalization in beatboxing

Lesson 2

Session 32 - Vocalization variation in beatboxing

Lesson 3

Session 33 - Vocalization & Zipper sound

Lesson 4

Session 34 - Vocalization & Zipper sound Revision

Lesson 5

Session 35 - Vocalization new beat ….....Aa

Lesson 6

Session 36 - Revision of Vocalization new beat ….....Aa

Lesson 7

Session 37 - Click sound technique

Lesson 8

Session 38 - How to use a beat in Click sound technique

Lesson 9

Session 39 - Indian style beatboxing

Lesson 10

Session 40 - How to use filler in beats

Lesson 11

Session 41 - Desi beat / Indian beat

Lesson 12

Session 42 - South indian beat

Lesson 13

Session 43 - Snare outwords & its variations

Lesson 14

Session 44 - Snare outwords & its variations in beat

Lesson 15

Session 45 - Humming sound

Lesson 16

Session 46 - Humming sound part-2

Lesson 17

Session 47 - Rizzer & its type

Lesson 18

Session 48 - Rizzer-part-2

Lesson 19

Session 49 - How to hold a mike in Beatboxing

Lesson 20

Session 50 - Effect of mike in beatboxing

Lesson 21

Session 51 - How to use delay sound in beatboxing

Lesson 22

Session 52 - How to use delay sound in beatboxing part-2

Lesson 23

Session 53 - Free style in beatboxing

Lesson 24

Session 54 - Free style in beatboxing part-2

Lesson 25

Session 55 - how to use free style in advanced

Lesson 26

Session 56 - how to use free style in advanced part-2

Lesson 27

Session 57 - How to do beatboxing in song

Lesson 28

Session 58 - How to do beatboxing in song part-2

Lesson 29

Session 59 - How to do beatboxing in English song

Lesson 30

Session 60 - How to do beatboxing in English song part-2

A course by

Mr. Sahil Vijay is a certified musician and a professional sound engineer. Sahil has years of experience playing various musical instruments like Guitar, drums, and keyboards. Along with this, he can teach advanced techniques of music and musical instruments to novice students. Sahil also has expertise in playing jazz drums, western vocal sounds, and beatboxing. Here in this beatboxing course, Sahil will share step-by-step methods or techniques of beatboxing and how to write different beat patterns.

This course is ideal for individuals who have already dabbled in beatboxing and have a grasp of the fundamental sounds. It is best suited for:

Intermediate beatboxers looking to improve their skills and expand their repertoire.

Musicians interested in adding beatboxing to their performances and compositions.
Performers who want to captivate their audiences with captivating beatbox routines.

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)