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Abacus - Learn abacus math from scratch

Abacus - Learn abacus math from scratch

Abacus - Learn abacus math from scratch

About Course

In today’s world everyone from adults to children are dependent of gadgets like smartphones. We tend to use calculators even to perform the simplest of math operations. Such level dependency is now paralyzing human ability to think and take logical decisions. More so in children. This dependency increases since most children find math to be a difficult subject in general.

Abacus is considered to be one of the best ways to improve arithmetic and mental abilities, not only in children, but also in adults. Through Abacus children gain confidence in math at an early stage. This acquired ability can help them throughout their life academically as well as logically.

Abacus is a mental math learning technique which was first introduced in China. Learning abacus can make solving basic arithmetic problems effortless. With knowledge of abacus a person can easily perform elementary arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Once a person’s gains understanding of arithmetic operations, solving complex math problems also becomes easy!

Learning abacus helps you in:
1. Boosting the speed and accuracy to calculate mentally
2. Learning concepts on math in a stress-free manner
3. Enhancing problem solving abilities
4. Getting the correct answer through logical reasoning
5. Improving concentration levels
6. Boosting self-confidence
7. Enhancing memory and creativity

Learn abacus today to enhance your mental and arithmetic calculation abilities!

Mittsure’s abacus course helps to improve the knowledge about basic arithmetical operations such as addition and subtraction.

Course Overview

If you are looking to start your abacus journey, you have come to the right place!

The basic abacus course offered by Mittsure is an informative and engaging program. This course has been especially structured absolute beginners.

At Mittsure, we believe in teaching through interactive methods.

Our basic abacus course comprises of 30 different sessions. Each session is an online video, which can be accessed anytime for learning and teaching.

If you want a more personalized experience, you can also enrol for our online classes or for one-on-one learning session with the trainer.

Anyone who wishes to enrich knowledge about abacus and learn abacus from the basics could use this course offered by Mittsure. The course is currently available in Hindi.

The Mittsure abacus course would help you understand what an abacus is and how to use it for calculations. You will learn how to calculate different numbers through abacus. Moving fingers on an abacus board will also help to enhance your mental ability and concentration skills.

Below is a quick summary of this course for you:
1. You will learn about the history of the abacus, how to use and read the abacus, and 0 to 9 counting using abacus would be taught
2. The course videos also help you count up to 50 using an abacus tool and hands
3. You will also learn about the small friend or pairs of a number, how to use a small friend and big friend in abacus, One's Digit addition using 2, 3, and 4 numbers and addition on the hands of One's Digit using 2 numbers
4. Along with basic addition and subtraction, basic for counting from 100 to 999 using an abacus tool is also taught
5. You also get the opportunity to perform single, double and triple-digit addition and subtraction separately and even in combination.

Once you learn abacus, gets embedded in your head and becomes a skill for a lifetime.

By the end of this course, you will acquire valuable mental math skills to help you calculate quickly and with ease without the help of a calculator.
Want to know more about Mittsure abacus course?

Check out our introduction video.


What You Will Learn

1. Usage of abacus techniques while performing calculations
2. Knowledge of abacus rules
3. Understand single, double and triple-digit addition and subtraction
4. Placing numbers on abacus and counting on hands up to 50
5. Solve simple addition and subtraction problems
6. Solve mixed addition and subtraction problems
7. Improve the speed of performing basic operations like addition and subtraction
8. Improve speed to perform mental arithmetic


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos
2. Basic knowledge of numbers and operations like addition and subtraction
3. Helpful to keep an abacus tool handy but not a mandate

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Introduction , Basic fundamentals , How to use Abacus & Read Session-1

Lesson 2

Counting 0 to 9 Session-2

Lesson 3

Counting 1-50 session-3

Lesson 4

Counting 51-60 with activity session-4

Lesson 5

Counting 10-100 session-5

Lesson 6

Finger movement rule and its activity session-6

Lesson 7

Counting on hands 1-50 Session -7

Lesson 8

Quick revision Finger test activity session-8

Lesson 9

Counting on hands 50 -99 Session- 9

Lesson 10

Addition on Hands use of small friends ( Addition of 5) session-10

Lesson 11

Finger activity & Quick revision session-11

Lesson 12

Quick revision activity , Activity worksheet session-12

Lesson 13

Second activity session-13

Lesson 14

Addition practice session-14

Lesson 15

Small friend learning session-15

Lesson 16

How to use small friend in abacus Session- 16

Lesson 17

Use of small frients -2 Session- 17

Lesson 18

Activity and practice of small friends session-18

Lesson 19

Next activity session-19

Lesson 20

Addition on hands session-20

Lesson 21

Addition practice session-21

Lesson 22

Addition practice -1 session-22

Lesson 23

Addition practice -2 session-23

Lesson 24

Addition practice-3 session-24

Lesson 25

Revision session-25

Lesson 26

Addition -4 Session- 26

Lesson 27

Addition- 5 Session - 27

Lesson 28

Activity regarding to addition part-1 Session - 28

Lesson 29

Activity regarding to addition part-2 Session - 29

Lesson 30

Addition of small friends & Big friends Session - 30

Lesson 31

A course by

Medha Sharma, the trainer for Mittsure’s Abacus course, is an individual who is passionate about learning and teaching.

Medha has developed an affinity for numbers. She is a commerce student practising C.A. final group 1 in ICAI.

Medha has worked as an Intern – finance internship and C.A. internship. She is always on the hunt to improve her knowledge and gain experience.

Medha knows her way around numbers and figures. She is an expert in using abacus. Her calculating abilities improved due to the technique. Medha’s expertise in abacus has helped her professionally and personally. Realising the significance of this method, she is teaching it to others and helping her students improve their ability to perform mathematical operations.

Medha perceives that learning abacus could enhance mental and basic arithmetic skills apart from improving the understanding of the numerical concepts. In addition, according to Medha, learning abacus helps improve the individuals' imagination, visualisation and analytical skills.

Medha is eager to learn new methods and technologies, possess good communication skills and is good at multitasking. These skills she invests in teaching people abacus through Mittsure platform.
Mittsure is happy to have Medha on board as a trainer to help individuals enhance their mathematical skills.

1. The course is for beginners who have no prior understanding or knowledge about abacus.

2. Individuals above the age of 5 who wish to perform basic calculations at a faster rate.

3. Suitable for both children and adults.

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)