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Advanced Guitar Mastery: Elevate Your Guitar Skills

Advanced Guitar Mastery: Elevate Your Guitar Skills

Advanced Guitar Mastery: Elevate Your Guitar Skills

About Course

This expert-level course is designed to elevate your guitar skills, focusing on intricate fingerstyle techniques, rhythmic mastery, and the mastery of specific musical pieces. Delve deep into flamenco, picado, golpe, fingerpicking, chuck rhythms, and specific song arrangements to broaden your repertoire and technical prowess.

Course Overview

This course comprises 30 in-depth lessons covering a diverse range of techniques and song arrangements. From mastering fingerpicking styles to learning specific song parts and incorporating advanced techniques like tremolo, this course is curated to refine your guitar playing to an expert level.


What You Will Learn

1) Fingerstyle Techniques: Dive into flamenco, picado, golpe, and intricate fingerpicking styles.

2) Rhythmic Mastery: Perfect chuck rhythms and diverse fingerpicking techniques like "Plicking."

3) Song Arrangements: Learn segments from popular songs like "Gulabi Aankhein," "Namo Namo Shankara," "Jaan Nisar," "Kese Hua," "Raatein Lambiyan," and "Bol Do Na Zara."

4) Tremolo Technique: Master the art of tremolo, adding depth and complexity to your playing.


1) Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Skills: Familiarity with basic guitar playing techniques and a solid understanding of chords and strumming is required.

2) Acoustic or Classical Guitar: Access to an acoustic or classical guitar for practicing fingerstyle techniques is necessary.

3) Dedication and Practice: Commitment to consistent practice to fully absorb and apply the techniques taught in the course.

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Session 1- Finger style technique - Flaminco

Lesson 2

Session 2- Finger style technique - picado


Lesson 3

Lesson 3- Finger style technique - golpe


Lesson 4

Session 4- Finger picking technique - Plicking

Lesson 5

Lesson 5- Finger picking technique - Plicking ]

Lesson 6

Lesson 6- Chuck Rhythm

Lesson 7

Lesson 7- Chuck Rhythm

Lesson 8

Lesson 8- Finger picking technique - Plicking ]

Lesson 9

Lesson 9- Gulabi Aankhein

Lesson 10

Lesson 10- Gulabi Aankhein

Lesson 11

Lesson 11- Namo Namo shankara Part - 1

Lesson 12

Lesson 12- Namo Namo shankara Part -2

Lesson 13

Lesson 13- Namo Namo shankara Part -3

Lesson 14

Lesson 14- Namo Namo shankara Part -4

Lesson 15

Lesson 15- Jaan Nisar Part - 1

Lesson 16

Lesson 16- Jaan Nisar Part - 2

Lesson 17

Lesson 17- Jaan Nisar Part - 3

Lesson 18

lesson 18- Jaan Nisar Part - Chorus part

Lesson 19

Lesson 19- Jaan Nisar Part - Last Part

Lesson 20

Lesson 20- Tremolo Technique

Lesson 21

Lesson 21- Kese Hua Part -1

Lesson 22

Lesson 22- Kese Hua Part -2

Lesson 23

Lesson 23- Kese Hua Chorus Part

Lesson 24

Lesson 24- Kese Hua Bridge Part

Lesson 25

Lesson 25- Raatein Lambiyan Part 1

Lesson 26

Lesson 26- Raatein Lambiyan Part2

Lesson 27

Lesson 27- Raatein Lambiyan Part 3

Lesson 28

Lesson 28- Raatein Lambiyan Part 4

Lesson 29

Lesson 29- Bol do na zara Part -1

Lesson 30

Lesson 30- Bol do na zara Part -2

A course by

Music has been a passion and profession for Baldeep Pradhan, the trainer for Mittsure’s Guitar course. Apart from his sound engineering knowledge, he also plays the drums, piano and guitar. His expertise allows him to compose, produce and perform different kinds of music. 

Baldeep Pradhan is a Grade 8 electric guitarist, currently pursuing Grade 8 in Electronic Keyboard from Trinity College London. 

Baldeep is teaching students, and he has been doing this effectively for the past 20 years. Baldeep believes that music has the power to reduce stress, change one's mood, help people relax and creates a positive impact on people. He is empowering students to do the same via music. 

Baldeep Pradhan uses his communication skills to meet the diverse needs of his students. He uses his skills and knowledge to develop students' skills in computer-designed music.

Baldeep Pradhan constantly looks for opportunities to impart musical knowledge to students. One among them is Mittsure’s Guitar Essentials course. He is currently using the platform to teach adults and children how to play guitar. 

Mittsure is happy to have Baldeep on board to help individuals fill their lives with music.

This course is tailored for intermediate to advanced guitarists seeking to refine their skills in fingerstyle techniques, rhythmic patterns, and song arrangements. Whether you aspire to play complex fingerpicking styles or master specific song segments, this course will challenge and elevate your guitar playing to an expert level.

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Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)