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Art & Craft for Beginners

Art & Craft for Beginners

Art & Craft for Beginners

About Course

Art & craft as a subject is usually taken for granted in the school’s curriculum. Over the past years, many schools have even cut down on the number of time children spend doing art and craft activities. Skills like ceramic art forms and glass art forms are slowly disappearing.

There is no limit to a kid’s imagination. Children exposed to art & crafts activities can express their thoughts effectively and innovatively. Not only this, but craft-related activities also play a great role in increasing fine motor skills and coordination in children. While making craft items, students learn to use both hands for cutting paper with scissors, making shapes, and more. Another advantage is that once a child becomes creative and learns the basics, they automatically start seeing creativity in everything around them. Children eventually learn how to recycle waste material and become responsible towards their environment.

Hence, involving children in art and craft activities can prove to be helpful for their cognitive, physical, and social growth.

Learning art & craft is not beneficial just for kids, but for adults as well. Grownups can greatly benefit from indulging themselves in art & craft activities. Some of these benefits are:

1. Enhance concentration powers
2. Help to express better
3. Prove to be relaxing hence increasing productivity
4. Helps the brain to declutter
5. Improves creativity

So don’t wait any longer, join Mittsure’s Art & Craft for Beginners course today and began your artistic journey!

Course Overview

Mittsure’s Art & Craft for Beginners course introduces the students to the basic art & craft techniques. The course is ideal for someone who has no prior experience of art & craft but wants to learn the basics. This course will not make you a professional sculptor but it will set you on the journey by teaching you how to work with ceramic clay.

Mittsure’s Art & Craft for Beginners course is divided into 30 sessions. Each session is delivered through a short video with an average duration of 12-13 minutes. Our team of experienced trainers has designed this course in a manner that can be easily followed by all age groups. Our trainers will guide you at each step. You can pause the videos and work with our trainers at your comfort and pace.

Not only this, we have other modes of training available as well. If you like learning in groups, you can enroll in an online class or you can even opt for a one-on-one session with the trainer for a more personalized experience.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Create unique crafts like decorated glass bottles

2. Decorate key holders, and jars with ceramic cones

3. Paint on tiles, glass, and bottles

4. Learn fabric painting, paper cup windchime, rakhi making and much more

Whether you’re a teacher or student or parent, don’t hesitate to learn a new art form. Join us today to start a new journey!


What You Will Learn

In This Course You Will Learn

1. Introduction to the basics of art & craft

2. Learn to use ceramic cones and create meaningful designs on paper using ceramic clay

3. Learn how to decorate a glass bottle, key holder, and jar with a ceramic cone

4. The instructor will teach you intricate designs and paintings on tile, glass, and bottles

5. You can learn the crafting of cardboard photo frames with stone, and quilling and wall hanging designs

6. You can also learn how to make a mobile stand and pen stand with ice cream sticks

7. Learn about thermocol flower vases, diya decoration, bangle tea coaster, fabric painting, paper cup windchime, rakhi making, and paper flower making.


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. Basic craft-related accessories such as pencil, hot gun, poster colours, thermocol, quilling paper, etc.

3. Ceramic clay

4. Each lesson will need some specific craft items like cardboard or glass bottles – mentioned in the video itself

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Ceramic How to use Ceramic Cone, Designs on Paper by Ceramic cone. Session-1

Lesson 2

How to decorate glass bottle and jar with ceramic cone. Session-2

Lesson 3

How to decorate key holder with ceramic cone and stone. Session-3

Lesson 4

Key holder -2 Session-4

Lesson 5

Card board photo frame Session-5

Lesson 6

Card board photo frame with stone Session-6

Lesson 7

Card board photo frame with qulling Session-7

Lesson 8

wall hanging Session-8

Lesson 9

How to make mobile stand and pen stand with ice cream sticks Session-9.

Lesson 10

Tile painting Session-10

Lesson 11

Glass painting Session-11

Lesson 12

Bottle painting Session-12

Lesson 13

paper mache Session-13

Lesson 14

wooden pen Stand Session-14

Lesson 15

wooden name plate Session-15

Lesson 16

wall clock paper machie Session-16

Lesson 17

Potter bell Session-17

Lesson 18

Thermacol flower vase Session-18

Lesson 19

Diya decoration Session-19

Lesson 20

Matchsticks wallhanging Session-20

Lesson 21

Bangles Teacoster Session-21

Lesson 22

bangle photo collage Session-22

Lesson 23

fabric painting Session-23

Lesson 24

table cover Session-24

Lesson 25

paper cup windchime Session-25

Lesson 26

bottle decoratation with wool and rajma Session-26

Lesson 27

table mat Session-27

Lesson 28

rakhi making Session-28

Lesson 29

Paper flower making Session-29

Lesson 30

Bandhanwar Session-30

A course by

Our trainer for this course, Preeti Mathur, has created every craft and content using her innovative ideas and techniques. Professionally Preeti has experience in teaching computers for over 2 years.

In addition, she has also experience in taking Summer Hobby Classes for handmade articles, glass and fabric paintings, drawings, DIY (Do It Yourself), and best out of waste. Preeti has been certified by Mittsure.

During her early education, she developed hobbies like painting, creative work, stitching, gardening, and art & craft activities. Preeti even made some handmade articles during her college days for selling purposes. She loves to stitch bandhanwar, table mats, table covers, and wall hangings.

Mittsure is happy to have Preeti on board to help individuals enhance their talent.

1. This course is for all beginners who want to learn art & craft techniques

2. Age Group – 6 yrs. & above

3. All children & adults

  • Price

You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)