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Keyboard - A complete course for beginners

Keyboard - A complete course for beginners

Keyboard - A complete course for beginners

About Course

Welcome to Mittsure’s Keyboard course!

Learning is fun; it is when one learns music. Music can transform lives.

Want to learn some music? Start by learning to play the Keyboard through the Mittsure course.

No course offers comprehensive details on the chords and scales like Mittsure’s Keyboard course. By the end of this course, students will be able to freely play Keyboard notes. Not only this, but the course will also teach you to identify basic cords used in a song just by listening to the song.

Mittsure’s Keyboard course will lay the right foundation for you to later learn higher skills of Keyboard playing. Our course will set you off on the right path to prepare for music grad. exams.

The course will take complete beginners to an intermediatory level.

Course Overview

Mittsure’s Keyboard course is for beginners. Hence, no prior knowledge of music or Keyboard playing skills is required.

Our online Keyboard course has been crafted by an expert instrumentalist keeping in mind learners of all ages.

The Mittsure Keyboard course is divided into 30 short sessions. They are presented as videos and are accessible anytime. These short videos make learning fun and interesting.

If you are looking for a personalized experience, you can also join our live online classes or enrol for one-on-one sessions with the trainer. Our experienced trainers will provide you with continuous feedback for enhanced learning.

What sets this course apart?

1. You get multiple learning options. Learn at your convenience through our videos or join our online classes for a personalized experience

2. Watch the videos multiple times to understand chords and scales

3. Experienced trainers

4. Lyrics and chords displayed on the screen for a better understanding of each song

5. Songs broken in parts and sessions to make learning easy

6. Learn the basics right from Keyboard layout to play the songs

Learning can be fun when one gets to listen to Bollywood and Hollywood songs and play them using the Keyboard.

What can one learn from the course?

- Keyboard layout, basic music theory and finger exercises.
- Scales of C major and chords of C and F major.
- Chords of Am, Bm and Cm (minor chords). With a combination scale of F major
- Chords of D, G, A major. The scale of D major
- Chords of Dm, Em and Fm along with combination and scale of G major.
- Chords of Gm with the combination. Relative minors and scales of A major.
- E major scale, chords of E and B major. Sharp and flat chord formation. Major chords combination.
- Listen, watch and play some Bollywood and Hollywood songs such as Tum Hi Ho, Tum Hi Hana, and Titanic song.

Ready to learn from a professional with more than 20 years’ experience?

Looking for a hobby or longing to become a professional Keyboard player, visit Mittsure's Keyboard course available on the website.

You are just one click away from learning and playing the keys. Register now and start the journey.

Happy Learning!


What You Will Learn

1. The absolute basics- Keyboard layout and finger placement

2. Understanding of basic music theory

3. Learn major and minor chords, major scales, flat and sharp chords

4. Identify the melody and chords used in songs just by listening to them


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. A Piano or a Keyboard

3. No prior knowledge of playing the Keyboard is required

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Course Content

Lesson 1

keyboard layout , basic music theory and finger exercises Session-1

Lesson 2

Scale of C major ( Sa, re , ga, ma ...) Chords of C and F major Session-2


Lesson 3

Chords of D , G and A major . Scale of D major Session -3


Lesson 4

E major scale , chords of E and B major , Sharp and flat chords formation , major chords combination. Major chords completed. Session - 4

Lesson 5

Chords of Am, Bm , and Cm ( minor chords) with combination. Scale of F major. Session - 5

Lesson 6

Chords of Dm, Em and Fm along with combination . And scale of G major Session- 6

Lesson 7

Chords of Gm with combination . Relative minors and Scale of A major. Session -7

Lesson 8

Ajeeb Dastan part -1 and B major scale Session -8

Lesson 9

Ajeeb Dastan part -2 Session- 9

Lesson 10

kaun tujhe pyar karega ( ms dhoni) Session-10

Lesson 11

kaun tujhe pyar karega part -2 Session -11

Lesson 12

kaun tujhe pyar karega part -3 Session- 12

Lesson 13

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum Part- 1 Session- 13

Lesson 14

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum Part- 2 Session - 14

Lesson 15

Phela nasha intro Session -15

Lesson 16

Phela nasha part -1 Session-16

Lesson 17

Phela nasha part -2 Session- 17

Lesson 18

Phela nasha Bridge part-3 Session - 18

Lesson 19

Titanic song Session -19

Lesson 20

Tum hi ho Aashiqui-2 Session -20

Lesson 21

Kaise Hua- song from Kabir Singh Session - 21

Lesson 22

Dil Diyan Gallan Session - 22

Lesson 23

Muskurane ki wajah tum ho Session - 23

Lesson 24

Gulabi Aankhen Session - 24

Lesson 25

Abhi Mujhme Kahin Session - 25

Lesson 26

Kabhi Jo Badal Barsai Session - 26

Lesson 27

Tum Hi aana Session - 27

Lesson 28

Pal ( jalabi Movie) Session - 28

Lesson 29

Hai apna dil tho awara Session - 29

Lesson 30

Kal ho na ho Session - 30

A course by

Our trainer, Baldeep Pradhan has been associated with music in different forms, right from playing the drums, piano and guitar to sound engineering.

Baldeep started his teaching career in 2001, and his music journey traverses 20 years. He strongly believes music can reduce stress, help people relax and change one’s mood to brighten their day.

Baldeep composes and produces his music by applying his techniques and knowledge of theory. Baldeep’s knowledge of sound engineering is perceived to be an added advantage that leverages his ability to play with sounds/music and improvise.

Baldeep has constantly improved his knowledge and acquired musical skills along his journey. He is a Grade 8 electric guitarist, and he is currently pursuing Grade 8 in Electronic Keyboard from Trinity College London.

“No one size fits all”- he believes that every student’s need is different and goes the extra mile to meet the needs of his students.

Baldeep Pradhan is focused on inculcating the students with computer-designed music skills.

Mittsure is happy to bring Baldeep on board to help individuals learn music.

1. Individuals above the age of 7 who wish to learn Keyboard or Piano

2. Both adults & children

3. The course is for beginners. No knowledge or experience is required

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)