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Abacus Mastery: Advanced Mathematical Techniques

Abacus Mastery: Advanced Mathematical Techniques

Abacus Mastery: Advanced Mathematical Techniques

About Course

The Abacus Advanced Mathematics Course is designed to enhance your mathematical skills using the traditional abacus tool. This course is perfect for individuals looking to improve their mental arithmetic abilities and develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. You will delve into the world of double and triple-digit addition and subtraction, as well as learn specialized formulas and techniques to perform complex calculations with ease.

Course Overview

In this comprehensive Abacus Advanced Mathematics Course, you will explore a wide range of topics, from basic double-digit addition to triple-digit addition and subtraction. You will also gain proficiency in using the abacus for various mathematical operations, and you will learn to apply the "Small Friend Formula" and "Big Friend Formula" for both addition and subtraction. The course also covers counting from 100 to 999 on the abacus and introduces you to three-digit addition and subtraction.


What You Will Learn

1. Master double-digit addition and subtraction through a series of activities and practice sessions.

2. Understand and apply the "Small Friend Formula" for subtraction and the "Big Friend Formula" for both addition and subtraction.

3. Gain the ability to perform complex calculations with ease using the abacus.

4. Count from 100 to 999 on the abacus.

5. Develop proficiency in three-digit addition and subtraction.

6. Enhance your mental arithmetic skills and mathematical problem-solving capabilities.


To enroll in the Abacus Advanced Mathematics Course, you will need the following:

1. An abacus tool (a basic understanding of how to use it is beneficial but not mandatory).

2. Basic mathematical knowledge, including addition and subtraction.

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Session 31 - Double Digit Addition Activity (Part-1)


Lesson 2

Session 32 - Double Digit Addition Activity (Part-2)


Lesson 3

Session 33 - Double Digit Addition Activity (Part-3)


Lesson 4

Session 34 - Double Digit Addition Activity (Part-4)

Lesson 5

Session 35 - Small Friend Formula

Lesson 6

Session 36 - Small Friend Formula For Subtraction-

Lesson 7

Session 37 - Revision Small And Big Friend Formula

Lesson 8

Session 38 - Addition And Subtraction Activity-

Lesson 9

Session 39 - Big Friend Formula use in Subtraction- part-1

Lesson 10

Session 40 - Big Friend Formula use in Subtraction- part-2

Lesson 11

Session 41 - Addition And Subtraction Activity- part-1

Lesson 12

Session 42 - Addition And Subtraction Activity- part-2

Lesson 13

Session 43 - Double Digit Subtraction part-1

Lesson 14

Session 44 - Double Digit Subtraction part2

Lesson 15

Session 45 - Small & big friend formula chart revision part-1

Lesson 16

Session 46 - Small & big friend formula chart revision part-2.

Lesson 17

Session 47 - Counting From 100 To 999 On Abacus part-1

Lesson 18

Session 48 - Counting From 100 To 999 On Abacus part-2

Lesson 19

Session 49 - Activity sum based on hundred

Lesson 20

Session 50 - Three Digit Addition part-1

Lesson 21

Session 51 - Triple Digit Addition- part-2

Lesson 22

Session 52 - Triple Digit Addition- part-3

Lesson 23

Session 53 - Triple Digit Addition- part-4

Lesson 24

Session 54 - Triple Digit Addition- part-5

Lesson 25

Session 55 - Triple Digit Subtraction- part-1

Lesson 26

Session 56 - Triple Digit Subtraction- part-2

Lesson 27

Session 57 - Triple Digit Subtraction- part-3

Lesson 28

Session 58 - Triple Digit Subtraction- part-4

Lesson 29

Session 59 - Triple Digit Subtraction

Lesson 30

Session 60 - Triple Digit Addition And Subtraction part-2

Lesson 31

A course by

Medha Sharma, the trainer for Mittsure’s Abacus course, is an individual who is passionate about learning and teaching. Medha has developed an affinity for numbers. She is a commerce student practising C.A. final group 1 in ICAI. Medha has worked as an Intern – finance internship and C.A. internship. She is always on the hunt to improve her knowledge and gain experience. Medha knows her way around numbers and figures. She is an expert in using abacus. Her calculating abilities improved due to the technique. Medha’s expertise in abacus has helped her professionally and personally. Realising the significance of this method, she is teaching it to others and helping her students improve their ability to perform mathematical operations. Medha perceives that learning abacus could enhance mental and basic arithmetic skills apart from improving the understanding of the numerical concepts. In addition, according to Medha, learning abacus helps improve the individuals' imagination, visualisation and analytical skills. Medha is eager to learn new methods and technologies, possess good communication skills and is good at multitasking. These skills she invests in teaching people abacus through Mittsure platform. Mittsure is happy to have Medha on board as a trainer to help individuals enhance their mathematical skills.

This course is suitable for a diverse audience, including:

1. Students looking to improve their mathematical skills and mental calculation abilities.

2. Teachers and educators interested in incorporating abacus techniques into their teaching methods.

3. Math enthusiasts and anyone keen on enhancing their arithmetic proficiency.

4. Parents seeking to help their children excel in mathematics through fun and interactive learning.

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