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Drawing & Painting for beginners

Drawing & Painting for beginners

Drawing & Painting for beginners

About Course

DRAWING AND PAINTING is an art form which requires some amount of technical knowledge and practice. Drawing is the foundation of almost every art work. Although drawing gets overshadowed by the final piece of art, we must not forget its importance. Hence, it becomes imperative to learn how to draw and paint in order to master other skilled jobs like fashion designing, architecture, interior designing, etc.

Not only this, learning how to draw and paint can also have unique effects on personal growth:

1. Improves communication skills through visual expression

2. Enhances creativity and imagination

3. Increases emotional intelligence by opening window to express

4. Improves memory

5. Develops problem solving skills

6. Boots confidence and improves self-esteem

7. Reduces stress

Mittsure’s Drawing & Painting for Beginners course gives you the right base to start your artistic journey. This course has been specifically designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of art. This course is not made to learn professional art but it will definitely give you a fundamental knowledge of how to draw and paint. You can then use this knowledge as a foundation to learn the art form further and become a professional.

Apart from laying a foundation for your artistic skills, the course will also help to improve creativity in individuals. A piece of paper and a paintbrush or pencil could help communicate what one cannot convey through words.

Our well experience trainer has designed this course in a way that it can be easily understood by all age groups. Since this is the beginners' course, it will cover the absolute foundations like, colour patterns, mixing colours, various textures, brush strokes and some basic art forms.

Course Overview

Mittsure’s Drawing and Painting for Beginners course offers access to 30 easy to understand sessions. These sessions can be accessed through the following three modes:

- Pre-recorded Online Videos

- Online Classroom Sessions

- One-on-one Sessions with the Trainer

The course is designed to help individuals gain knowledge about the fundamentals of drawing and painting. These fundamentals will lay a foundation to pursue professional courses later.

The best part about this course is that you don’t have to attend a physical class. You can now learn the art form from the comfort of your home. Our experienced trainer has made sure to keep the sessions simple and comprehensive so that students with no prior knowledge of art can also understand.

This course has been designed in a manner that everyone can benefit from it. Whether you are a working individual who wants to learn a new talent or a student who wants to start early to become a professional. You can enrol for our pre-recorded videos if you cannot dedicate fixed learning hours and want to learn at your own speed or enrol for our online classes if you like a more personalized experience.

Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting:

1. Learn how to mix different colours

2. Learn how to paint on different canvas

3. Usage of interesting props like knives and threads in your paintings

4. Learn unique paining forms like coffee painting

5. Get introduced to ancient painting arts like Warli

Let your creative juices flow and began your artistic journey today by enrolling with a course medium of your choice!


What You Will Learn

In This Course You Will Learn:

1. The fundamentals of drawing and painting

2. How to draw and paint with confidence

3. Learn about the different kinds of painting

4. How to use oil pestle colours and watercolours

5. Get to know about three different kinds of art- Warli, Foil and Thread

6. Understand the basics of canvas and fabric painting


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. Drawing sheets and other related materials for drawing and painting

3. Students are advised to take notes during the lessons for better understanding

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Oil pestal colour Session-1

Lesson 2

Oil pestal colour part-2 Session-2

Lesson 3

Thumb Printing Session-3

Lesson 4

Thumb Printing part-2 Session- 4

Lesson 5

Warli art part-1 Session- 5

Lesson 6

Warli art part-2 Session-6

Lesson 7

Basic canvas painting Session-7

Lesson 8

Water colour techniques Session -8

Lesson 9

Water colour painting Session- 9

Lesson 10

Basic Fabric painting Part-1 Session- 10

Lesson 11

Basic fabric painting part-2 Session- 11

Lesson 12

Acrylic Painting part-1 Session-12

Lesson 13

Acrylic Painting part-2 Session-13

Lesson 14

Shadow Painting Part-1 Session-14

Lesson 15

Shadow Painting Part-2 Session-15

Lesson 16

Abstract Rose Painting Part-1 Session-16

Lesson 17

Abstract Rose Painting Part-2 Session-17

Lesson 18

Knife painting part-1 Session- 18

Lesson 19

Knife painting part-2 Session- 19

Lesson 20

Coffee painting Session- 20

Lesson 21

Pointillium Part-1 Session - 21

Lesson 22

Pointillium Part-- 2 Session-22

Lesson 23

Texture painting Part-1Session- 23

Lesson 24

Texture painting Part-2 Session - 24

Lesson 25

Foil Art part-1 Session - 25

Lesson 26

Foil Art part-2 Session-26

Lesson 27

Potato Stemping Session 27

Lesson 28

Ear buds painting part-1 Session-28

Lesson 29

Ear buds painting part-2 Session-29

Lesson 30

Thread Art Session- 30

A course by

Jasnoor Kaur, the trainer for Mittsure’s drawing and painting course, is a self-taught individual who is passionate about art. Jasnoor has been closely associated with painting since 2009 and she invokes optimism through art for herself and others.

Jasnoor has conducted multiple workshops till date to impart the knowledge which she has gained with time and practice. Apart from workshops, she is also helping students learn the art through online mediums.

Jasnoor also invests her time in making art because she believes that she is exploring the globe through her design, compositions, materials and colours. She has been part of numerous offline and online exhibitions and has presented her art globally.

Jasnoor is an individual with many talents, apart from painting, she has an interest in out waste crafts, decoupage, candle making, warli art, mehndi, doodle art and faux calligraphy.

Jasnoor has a teaching experience of over six years. According to Jasnoor, teaching art has been one of the best decisions of her life.

In her journey of teaching, Jasnoor is always keen on finding new ways through which she could help people acquire artistic skills. Mittsure drawing and painting course is one of such mediums. Mittsure is happy to have Jasnoor on board to help individuals enhance their drawing and painting skills.

1. Individuals above the age of 5 yrs. who wish to learn the basics of drawing and painting

2. Boys, girls and adults who wish to develop another skillset

3. No prior experience is required, the course is for beginners

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)