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Human Beatboxing - Quick and easy steps

Human Beatboxing - Quick and easy steps

Human Beatboxing - Quick and easy steps

About Course

Beatboxing is the art of mimicking different sounds of musical using lips, tongue, mouth, and voice. Beatboxing is a completely organic musical art form. This means one does not require any external musical instruments or aids to learn or perform beatboxing. Because of this very reason, beatboxing provides a lot of independence to an artist.

Most people think of beatboxing as a street-style talent or fail to associate the art form with refined music. In reality, beatboxing is much more than just making noise from your mouth. Beatboxing can help a musician improve creativity and enhance their skills further. A good beatboxer requires having a strong sense of timing and rhythm. It is important to know how to control your breath and mold your tongue and lips in the right manner simultaneously. To top it all, there are multiple musical instruments which need to be mimicked in a rhythm.

All of this is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, the best way to learn to beatbox is to start from the very basics. It is impossible to learn beatboxing by just watching someone perform. You must know and understand the nuances to catch the beats.

Because of its uniqueness and creative empowerment, beatboxing can prove to be a great talent for any child to learn. We have already established that through beatboxing a child can learn the sense of timing and rhythm. Not only this, but beatboxing also improves listening skills in children and can also help to strengthen their vocal cords. Learning this art form will widen a child’s musical scope along with enhancing their creativity.

So, do not wait any longer! Join Mittsure’s Human Beatboxing course today to become a beatboxing star.

Course Overview

You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of beatboxing, as this course is designed for beginners.

Register with us today to bring out the hidden beatboxer in you!

The course is divided into 30 short sessions. Though this is an online course, the course content is available in the form of videos, and this can be accessed anytime. People might lose interest after a few minutes; hence, the length of the videos is short of making learning fun.

Not only this, but you can also register for our live classes for a peer learning experience. Ask questions and clarify your doubts in the presence of a trainer.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

1. What is beatboxing

2. Three basic sounds of beatboxing – Base (B), Hi-Hats (T), and Snare (K)

3. How to create beats using basic sounds

4. Sound of 8 beats

5. Basics of club beat, tongue roll & lip roll

6. Basics of electro base or electro bass

7. How to create fillers and vocalization

This course will not make you a professional performer, but it will set you on the right journey by teaching you the absolute essentials.

So, are you ready to learn this new talent with the help of a professional? Register with us today for a fun learning experience!


What You Will Learn

In This Course You Will Learn:

1. What is beatboxing and what are the basics of beatboxing

2. A Whole Range of Sound Effects and different variations of 8 fundamental beats

3. Learn about Club Beat

4. The different variations in Club Beat – Base, Hi-Hat, and Snare

5. Learn to develop your beats and personal style in Beatboxing

6. Learn to develop more styles from uniquely designed exercises

7. How to create fillers at the end of music


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. Peaceful area to practice the sounds and techniques

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Basic of beatboxing Session-1

Lesson 2

Snare and Hi- Hat sound Session-2

Lesson 3

Revision & How to create a beat using of sound Session -3

Lesson 4

Beat boxing on song Session 4

Lesson 5

Sound of 8 Beats Session- 5

Lesson 6

Variation in Beatboxing Session- 6

Lesson 7

Third & Fourth beats in Beatboxing Session- 7

Lesson 8

Combination of 4 beats together Session - 8

Lesson 9

Club beat Session- 9

Lesson 10

How to do Filler Session- 10

Lesson 11

Tongue roll Session 11

Lesson 12

Air tongue roll Session- 12

Lesson 13

Electrobase Session -13

Lesson 14

Electrobased with keyboard Session- 14

Lesson 15

Fillers Session- 15

Lesson 16

Revision of fillers Session - 16

Lesson 17

How to create fillers Session- 17

Lesson 18

Filler in double speed Session- 18

Lesson 19

Zipper sound Session- 19

Lesson 20

Zipper sound with beats Session- 20

Lesson 21

Zipper sound -2 session- 21

Lesson 22

Lip roll no.1 Session- 22

Lesson 23

Lip roll part -2 Session- 23

Lesson 24

Reverb Snare Session- 24

Lesson 25

Lip Roll no.-2 Session- 25

Lesson 26

Lip roll part-2 Session- 26

Lesson 27

PF Snare Session- 27

Lesson 28

Revision Session- 28

Lesson 29

Fast Snare Session - 29

Lesson 30

1,2,3 Variation in Tongue roll Session- 30

A course by

Mr. Sahil Vijay is a certified musician and a professional sound engineer. Sahil has years of experience playing various musical instruments like Guitar, drums, and keyboards. Along with this, he can teach advanced techniques of music and musical instruments to novice students. Sahil also has expertise in playing jazz drums, western vocal sounds, and beatboxing. Here in this beatboxing course, Sahil will share step-by-step methods or techniques of beatboxing and how to write different beat patterns.

1. Age group – 5 years & above

2. Ideal for all children & adults

3. This course can be taken by beginners or intermediate beatboxing aspirants

4. Performers who wish to learn a new art of music

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)