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Advanced Rhythmic Mastery Course of Tabla

Advanced Rhythmic Mastery Course of Tabla

Advanced Rhythmic Mastery Course of Tabla

About Course

Welcome to the world of rhythm and melody, where our passion for the Tabla drives us to share the timeless art of percussion with you. We are a team of dedicated instructors with a profound love for the Tabla, and we are thrilled to guide you on your journey towards mastering this beautiful instrument.

At "Tabla Mastery," we believe that the Tabla is not just a musical instrument; it's a language of expression, a culture, and a tradition. Our mission is to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to become a proficient Tabla player. Whether you're just starting your Tabla journey or are already an intermediate player, our course is designed to meet your specific needs and elevate your proficiency.

Our instructors are not only experts in Tabla playing but are also passionate about teaching. We are committed to nurturing your Tabla talents, helping you understand the intricate rhythms, and guiding you through the fascinating world of Tabla compositions.

Join us on this rhythmic adventure as we delve into the beauty of Indian percussion. Whether your goal is to perform with mastery, explore the depths of rhythm, or simply find joy in playing the Tabla, we are here to support your musical aspirations.

Course Overview

With the Advanced Level Tabla Course, where you will take your tabla playing skills to the next level. This course is designed for those who have a foundational understanding of tabla and are eager to advance their proficiency in this classical Indian percussion instrument. You will delve into more intricate rhythms, compositions, and techniques to become a proficient tabla player.


What You Will Learn

In the "Advanced Level Tabla Course," you will build upon your foundational knowledge and delve into more complex aspects of tabla playing. By the end of this course, you will have refined your tabla skills, acquired a broader repertoire of compositions, and be capable of performing complex rhythms and patterns. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise to excel as an advanced tabla player, whether you intend to perform professionally or simply enjoy the art of playing this classical Indian percussion instrument.


1. A basic understanding of tabla fundamentals and playing techniques is required as this is an advanced level course.

2. Access to a good quality tabla set for practice.

3. Dedication, patience, and a strong commitment to learning and practicing the tabla.

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Session 31 - Revision Of 1,2 Palta, Kayada Tha, Dugun, And 2 New Palta


Lesson 2

Session 32 - Revision Of Previous Palta , & Learn New Palta , Tihai


Lesson 3

Session 33 - Revision Of Kayada In Tali Khali


Lesson 4

Session 34 - Revision Of Previous Taal & Learn Some New Taal

Lesson 5

Session 35 - Learning Of Jhaptal With Introduction , Ektaal,

Lesson 6

Session 36 - Revision Of Previous Taal & Learn Some New In Tabla Kayada

Lesson 7

Session 37 - Learn Kayada

Lesson 8

Session 38 - Revision Of Kayada , Palta & Learn 2 New Palta

Lesson 9

Session 39 - Revision Of Previous Palta ,Kayada & Learn How To Play Tihai

Lesson 10

Session 40 - Revision Of All Previous Lesson

Lesson 11

Session 41 - Learn How To Play Uthaan In Tabla

Lesson 12

Session 42 - Learn How To Play Kayada, 2 Palta In Tabla Revision Of Uthan

Lesson 13

Session 43 - Learn 2 New Palta

Lesson 14

Session 44 - Revision Of Previous Palta And Learn 1 New Tahai

A course by

Mehul Sharma, the trainer for Mittsure’s Tabla course, started learning classical music at the age of 5. He also had a keen interest in learning Tabla. Apart from playing the Tabla, he also holds classical vocal and bhav sangeet expertise. Mehul Sharma’s expertise allowed him to give several solo performances that were lauded by the audience. He had performed in several concerts such as Dobble Bill concert, Octave festival and Baba Haribhal-Labh Sangeet Samaroh. Mehul Sharma acquired the skill of playing the Tabla from his father and Guru Devashish Adhikari Ji, an exponent of farukhabad gharana. He enhanced his knowledge and skill by acquiring a diploma in bhav sangeet, a diploma Prabhakar in Tabla and Prabhakar in the classical vocal. Mehul Sharma is a professional Tabla player who teaches school students. He has been working as a music teacher. His experience has helped him teach without being physically present (online teaching). He is currently using Mittsure online Tabla course to help children and adults learn the art of playing the Tabla. Mittsure and Mehul Sharma are helping individuals transform into professionals.

This course is intended for individuals who have completed the beginner level tabla course or have equivalent experience in playing the tabla. It is also suitable for intermediate tabla players looking to refine their skills and explore more complex compositions and rhythms. Musicians, students of Indian classical music, and anyone passionate about mastering the art of tabla playing will find this course highly beneficial. By the end of this course, you will have honed your tabla skills and gained the expertise to perform more intricate compositions with confidence.

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