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Robotics Advanced Level

Robotics Advanced Level

Robotics Advanced Level

About Course

This advanced robotics course delves into intricate topics and applications, building upon the foundational knowledge gained in the beginner's level. Explore complex robotics concepts and hands-on projects.

Course Overview

From customizing 7-segment displays to coding for various applications like clock displays and sensor readings, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of advanced robotics.


What You Will Learn

Participants will gain expertise in coding for diverse projects, including touchless doorbells, speed trackers, IR-based emojis, ultrasonic sensor applications, smart night light systems, DHT 11 sensor integration, and weather stations with a focus on fire alarm systems.


Basic knowledge of robotics fundamentals and completion of the Robotics Beginner Level course.

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Session 1 - 4 digit 7 segment display custom character

Lesson 2

Session 2 - 4 digit 7 segment display clock

Lesson 3

Session 3 - IR sensor

Lesson 4

Session 4 - IR sensor LCD

Lesson 5

Session 5 - IR sensor touchless doorbell

Lesson 6

Session 6 - IR Speed tracker

Lesson 7

Session 7 - IR sensor emoji

Lesson 8

Session 8 - Ultrasonic Introduction

Lesson 9

Session 9 - Ultrasonic distance

Lesson 10

Session 10 - Ultrasonic-dot-matrix

Lesson 11

Session 11 - LDR light detection

Lesson 12

Session 12 - DHT11 Introduction

Lesson 13

Session 13 - DHT11 LCD

Lesson 14

Session 14 - DHT11 LCD Weather Station

Lesson 15

Session 15 - DHT11 Fire alarm

Lesson 16

Session 16 - dht 11- dot matrix- fire Animation

Lesson 17

Session 17 - dht11_buzzer_4D7 Seg_weather_station

Lesson 18

Session 18 - Servo intro - IR

Lesson 19

Session 19 - Servo + ir + LCD + ultrasonic

Lesson 20

Session 20 - Servo + Dht 11+ LDR

Lesson 21

Session 21 - Joystick

Lesson 22

Session 22 - Joystick_dotMatrix

Lesson 23

Session 23 - joystic_servo_led

Lesson 24

Session 24 - Relay

Lesson 25

Session 25 - Realy_ir_dht 11

Lesson 26

Session 26 - Relay_ultrasonic_LCD

Lesson 27

Session 27 - L293d_motor_Shield

Lesson 28

Session 28 - L293d_dcMotor_Speed

Lesson 29

Session 29 - L293d Motor Driver Shield Servo

Lesson 30

Session 30 - L293d Motor Driver Shield Servo - coding

A course by

Robotics has been a passion and profession for Vishal Singh Bais, the trainer for Mittsure’s Robotics course. Vishal is a self-motivated individual who is passionate about all things robotics. He has been closely associated with robotics since 2018 and excels in providing custom robotics solutions to various institutions including OEMs and SMEs. Vishal believes that robotics is truly a tool which facilitates the understanding and application of science, engineering, and technology.

Vishal conducts various learning sessions and helps others learn and acquire Robotics skills. Vishal explores the realm of basics of Arduino IDE, programming loops and functions to project development using Arduino.

Apart from Robotics, Vishal is also interested in electronics and communication. He has a great deal of experience in smarter irrigation, robotic arm, and ultrasonic sensors.

Vishal wants to transfer his skillset of ARDUINO and SCILAB by teaching students. Which will not only help in easing robotics but also help in improving their analytical skills, and problem-solving skills, and build patience in trial and error.

Vishal is always on a hunt to teach people using different mediums. Currently, one of the platforms he is using to enhance others' skills is the Mittsure Robotics course. Mittsure is happy to have him on board to help individuals enhance their skill sets.

This course is designed for robotics enthusiasts, students, and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of advanced robotics concepts and enhance their practical skills.

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)