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Guitar Essentials - A Beginner's Course

Guitar Essentials - A Beginner's Course

Guitar Essentials - A Beginner's Course

About Course

The guitar is one of the common musical instruments used by musicians across the globe. This stringed instrument is versatile and is used to play different genres of music. Understanding techniques and practice are essential for acquiring the skill of playing guitar. 

Knowing the art of playing guitar can help you become an all-rounder musician. Not only this, there are multiple other benefits of learning guitar:

- Learning various guitar notes and combinations can help increase memory capacity
- Playing a string instrument can keep your mind sharp
- Playing guitar is good for mental health
- Playing guitar also enhances creativity and broadens horizons
- The guitar is a global musical instrument. Hence, learning guitar can expose you to multiple cultures

Playing guitar is definitely fun; however, it requires a lot of skill to play guitar professionally. There are various techniques involved like strumming in rhythm, reading the chord chart, understanding the chords, tuning a guitar and playing open chords. Hence, it becomes imperative to learn the essentials of guitar before you can play your favourite songs like a pro.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Join us today and simplify the journey of learning guitar.

You don’t need any knowledge or prior experience playing guitar. This course has been tailor-made for beginners. 

Enrol with us today for a fun learning experience! 

Course Overview

Professionals use three types of guitars, bass, electric and acoustic, but beginners mostly use acoustic. The Mittsure’s Guitar Essentials course is for beginners. Hence, an acoustic-electric guitar has been used for teaching purposes. 

As the course is for beginners, no prior knowledge of music or guitar playing skills is required. If you do not like spending thousands of rupees on guitar lessons or you are someone who likes simplified learning, this course is the right choice for you.

Mittsure’s Guitar Essentials course comprises 30 short videos that can be accessed anytime, making learning interesting and fun. The length of each video has been carefully decided based on multiple factors like the flow of information, depth of information and practice time. The medium of instruction is Hindi. 

You can also register for our live classes for a peer learning experience. Ask questions and clarify your doubts in the presence of a trainer. For a personal experience, join our one-on-one class and learn from our instructor individually. 

Here is a glimpse of what you will learn from Mittsure’s Guitar Essentials course.

1. Basic knowledge of the guitar, its basic theory and notes 

2. Finger picking technique, finger exercises and how to tune a guitar 

3. The scale of C major, C major (second position), D major 

4. Chords of B, C, D, E, F and G major. Chords of A, B, C, E, F, G minor

5. How to read guitar chords diagram, tablature and guitar tab – various notes

6. How to play a rhythm along with understanding major and minor chords formation

7. Scales of A, B, E and D major and scale of F. Scales of A, B, C, D, E, F, G minor

8. Learn to play some peppy Bollywood songs using a guitar

9. Learn about Barre chords and Arpeggios 

This course will not make you a professional, but it will definitely set you on the path to becoming one. Learn from a professional with more than twenty years of experience. 

Register now and start strumming your guitar in rhythm. 

Happy musical journey!


What You Will Learn

1. The basics of guitar and how to tune a guitar

2. The technique to play an acoustic guitar 

3. Play all major & minor chords and scales using a guitar

4. How to combine various chords to produce rhythms  

5. Play some basic Bollywood songs and replicate your learnings in more.


1. High-speed internet connection for watching the videos 

2. Electric Acoustic Guitar

3. Guitar Picks

4. A guitar tuning app

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Basic knolage of Guitar & its basic theory , finding notes on guitar Session -1

Lesson 2

Finger picking technique session-2

Lesson 3

Finger Exercise, How to tune guitar Session- 3

Lesson 4

Sa , re, ga, ma - scale of c / D major Session- 4

Lesson 5

Scale of c major in Second postion Session- 5

Lesson 6

Chord of C,G major Session-6

Lesson 7

How to read guitar chords Session- 7

Lesson 8

Play song papa kehta hai song use of guitar tab Session - 8

Lesson 9

Chords of F major& its combination Session- 9

Lesson 10

Revision and scale of G major 2 octives Session - 10

Lesson 11

Learn chords D,E,B major Session- 11

Lesson 12

what is combination Session- 12

Lesson 13

How to play rhythem in guitar Session- 13

Lesson 14

Pattern of papa kehta hai song Session- 14

Lesson 15

Papa kehta hai Part-2 Session- 15

Lesson 16

Chord of A,B,C,D Minor , And full song of papa kehta hai bada naam karega Session- 16

Lesson 17

Chord E,F,G Minor, and its combination Session- 17

Lesson 18

Revision Session - 18

Lesson 19

E major Scale, and how Major chords formation Session- 19

Lesson 20

Scale of F,A,B Major & major scale Formula Session -20

Lesson 21

Major chords Formation Session -21

Lesson 22

Revision of major chords E,F,G, A,B

Lesson 23

Scale of C,D,E,F,G Minor Session - 23

Lesson 24

Scale of A,B minor Session 24

Lesson 25

Minor chord Formation & sound of D minor Session- 25

Lesson 26

Revision of minor chords formation and rhythem Session- 26

Lesson 27

Song Give me some shine Session- 27

Lesson 28

Song Give me some shine corus part & Bar chords Session- 28

Lesson 29

Dil diya gallan song ( lead part-1 Session 29

Lesson 30

Dil diya gallan song ( lead part-2) Session 30

A course by

Music has been a passion and profession for Baldeep Pradhan, the trainer for Mittsure’s Guitar course. Apart from his sound engineering knowledge, he also plays the drums, piano and guitar. His expertise allows him to compose, produce and perform different kinds of music. 

Baldeep Pradhan is a Grade 8 electric guitarist, currently pursuing Grade 8 in Electronic Keyboard from Trinity College London. 

Baldeep is teaching students, and he has been doing this effectively for the past 20 years. Baldeep believes that music has the power to reduce stress, change one's mood, help people relax and creates a positive impact on people. He is empowering students to do the same via music. 

Baldeep Pradhan uses his communication skills to meet the diverse needs of his students. He uses his skills and knowledge to develop students' skills in computer-designed music.

Baldeep Pradhan constantly looks for opportunities to impart musical knowledge to students. One among them is Mittsure’s Guitar Essentials course. He is currently using the platform to teach adults and children how to play guitar. 

Mittsure is happy to have Baldeep on board to help individuals fill their lives with music.

1. Individuals of age seven and above

2. This course is for beginners. No knowledge or experience is required

3. Children as well as adults

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)