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Spoken English Course for beginners

Spoken English Course for beginners

Spoken English Course for beginners

About Course

Welcome to Mittsure’s spoken English course!

Learning a new language exposes you to new opportunities and experiences. All the more so when the language is English. 

In a rapidly developing country like India, an individual must be able to converse fluently in one common language apart from their mother tongue. English is one such language which is used commonly in both private and government jobs. Hence, excelling in spoken English can expose an individual to a better understanding of their job along with better growth opportunities.

Not only India, but the world speaks in English. Every international trade and communication is done in this one communicative language. An effortless English communication lets you gain a new perspective and understand globalization better.

Although we learn English in our academics, what we desire is fluency and accuracy. There are several other reasons why one should possess strong English communication skills. 

Some of these reasons include:

1. Increases job opportunities

2. Improvement of English knowledge and understanding

3. Increases brainpower and confidence

4. Improves communication skills

5. Increases the ability to Connect with the world

Most people think that English is a tough and confusing language. Well, Mittsure Spoken English Course will simplify it all for you. Mittsure has brought you a beginner’s course that covers English grammar, English speaking, and English writing along with punctuation. The course contains full video conversations in the Hindi language to convey the meaning of a word or sentence in Hindi as well as English.

Enrol with us today to learn the global language! 

Course Overview

You won't need any prior experience or skills in English speaking as this course is specially designed for beginners. 

Please register with us today to bring out the confidence of speaking fluently in the English language!

Mittsure’s English Speaking Course is divided into 30 short sessions. The course content is available in form of videos. You can access these videos anytime you want. This facility can be beneficial for those who lose interest after a few minutes. Moreover, the length of the videos is short makes the learning fun.

This course will introduce you to the following:

- Basic English words and sentences used in daily life

- Hindi to English translation

- Asking questions in the English language

- Fundamentals like Nouns, Verbs and Tenses

You can also register for our live Spoken English classes and get a peer learning experience. Simply ask questions in a live session and clarify your doubts directly with our trainer.

Register now on the website and start your journey to becoming a master in English speaking!


What You Will Learn

1. Everything about English grammar, spoken English, and English writing

2. How to use correct English grammar in real conversations

3. Upgrade your writing, speaking, and listening skills with a deeper knowledge of English grammar

4. To read English fluently and spell English words intuitively

5. Form accurate English sentence structures


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. A laptop, tablet, or a phone with good speakers or headphones connection to hear pronunciation clearly

3. Basic reading ability and basic understanding of English

4. A notepad and a pen to take notes

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Introduction of basic English words and sentences used in daily life. Session -1

Lesson 2

Translation of basic hindi words to English and making their sentences Session-2

Lesson 3

Words that are used to make questions and learning to make questions and to answer the questions. Session -3

Lesson 4

Taught verbs and different forms of verbs. Also making sentences of the same verbs. Session-4

Lesson 5

taught simple present and simple future tense with new words and sentences Session- 5

Lesson 6

simple present tense and present/past continuous tense with new words and their sentences Session-6

Lesson 7

New words with simple present, present continuous, past continuous and simple future tense. Session- 7

Lesson 8

New verbs : 1st , 2nd and ing form. Session-8

Lesson 9

New words with simple present, present continuous, past continuous and simple future tense. Session-9

Lesson 10

Introduction of simple past tense with new verbs. Session -10

Lesson 11

Simple past tense : POSITIVE SENTENCES.. With new verbs. Session - 11

Lesson 12

New verbs with positive sentences of simple past tense. Seission- 12

Lesson 13

Simple past tense..positive sentences. Session-13

Lesson 14

Simple past tense negative sentences . Session - 14

Lesson 15

simple past interrogative sentences rules. Session - 15

Lesson 16

Continuation of ls 15. Session - 16

Lesson 17

Completion of interrogative sentences . Session - 17

Lesson 18

Simple present tense with rules and examples . Session - 18

Lesson 19

Revisions of simple present tense . Session - 19

Lesson 20

simple past tense . Session-20

Lesson 21

simple future tense revision . Session- 21

Lesson 22

Present continuous and past continuous tense. Session - 22

Lesson 23

future continuous tense. Session -23

Lesson 24

Present Perfect tense Session - 24

Lesson 25

Past Perfect tense Session- 25

Lesson 26

Future Perfect tense Session- 26

Lesson 27

Present perfect continuous tense Session - 27

Lesson 28

Past perfect Continuous tense Session- 28

Lesson 29

future perfect continuous tense Session- 29

Lesson 30

Revision of all the 12 tenses. Session - 30

A course by

Teaching has been a passion and hobby of Priyanka Pradhan, the trainer for Mittsure’s English-speaking course. Priyanka has been a highly energetic individual who always has the enthusiasm to learn something new and enhance her skills. 

She developed a keen interest in Spoken English in 2009 and invoked optimism through teaching at various schools and academies. 

Priyanka is always on a hunt to teach people using different mediums. Currently, one of the platforms she is using to enhance others' skills is Mittsure. Mittsure is happy to have her on board to help individuals enhance their talent in English.

1. Individuals of age 5 yrs. and above

2. No prior experience is required. The course is for beginners

3. Students who want to brush up their English speaking skills

4. All children & adults

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You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)