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Mehandi - Learn Basic Techniques

Mehandi - Learn Basic Techniques

Mehandi - Learn Basic Techniques

About Course

Welcome to Mittsure’s Mehandi course!

Mehandi is a traditional Indian art form of painting hands and feet with a paste made out of dried Henna plant leaves. Mehandi has always been a part of numerous special occasions in India like wedding ceremonies, festivals, family gatherings, etc. In fact, Mehandi is a whole different function in Indian wedding events. Beautiful art designs are made with the help of a cone filled with Henna paste. This art form needs some amount of practice and involves a lot of technique.

A true Mehandi artist needs to know all the secrets and nuances of the trade. Right from the correct way of making the paste to the correct method of applying it. And then there are various styles like, Rajasthani, Marwari, Arabic, etc. which need to be learnt and mastered.

Sounds too complicated? But it’s really simple. People from any age group could learn this art and become an expert. Want to learn Mehandi art? Join the Mittsure Mehandi course now!

Mittsure offers online learning Mehandi course. Online learning is the new trend and now you can join Mittsure family from the comfort of your home.

Now you can also become the person who is responsible for making these special occasions memorable for people around you.

Course Overview

You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of Mehandi art, as this course is designed for beginners.

Register with us today to bring out the professional Mehandi artist in you!

The course is divided into 30 short sessions. Though this is an online course, the course content is available in the form of videos, and this can be accessed anytime. People might lose interest after a few minutes; hence, the length of the videos is short of making learning fun.

Not only this, you can also register to our live classes for a peer learning experience. Ask questions and clarify your doubts in the presence of a trainer.

So, are you ready to make someone’s special day even more memorable for them?

To become a professional Mehandi artist, visit the Mittsure Mehandi course available on the website.

Register now on the website and start your journey to becoming a professional Mehandi artist!


What You Will Learn

1. Learn basic techniques and elements of Mehandi

2. Learn about the different Mehandi designs and styles

3. How to make Mehandi paste and Mehandi cone

4. How to fill the paste in the Mehandi cone

5. How to make Mehandi tattoo design


1. Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos

2. Mehandi cone

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Course Content

Lesson 1

Mehndi Filling Designs - 1 Sesson-1

Lesson 2

Mehndi Filling Designs - 2 Sesson-2

Lesson 3

Shekhawati style Sesson-3

Lesson 4

Shekhawati style on hand Sesson-4

Lesson 5

Rajasthani Mehndi Sesson-5

Lesson 6

Basic Mehndi Design -1 Sesson-6

Lesson 7

Basic Mehndi Design -2 Sesson-7

Lesson 8

Peacock Mehndi Design Sesson-8

Lesson 9

Basic Elements of Mehndi Sesson-9

Lesson 10

Flowers and leaves Sesson-10

Lesson 11

Unique Peacock Mehndi Design Sesson-11

Lesson 12

Finger Filling Design1 Sesson-12

Lesson 13

Finger Filling Design 2 Sesson-13

Lesson 14

Unique Ring Style Mehndi Sesson-14

Lesson 15

How to mehndi Cone Sesson-15

Lesson 16

How to make mehndi paste Sesson-16

Lesson 17

How to use Mehndi cone Sesson-17

Lesson 18

Fusion Style Mehndi Sesson-18

Lesson 19

Arabic Style 1 Sesson-19

Lesson 20

Arabic style 2 Sesson-20

Lesson 21

Arabic Style 3 Sesson-21

Lesson 22

Mehndi Tatto Design 1 Sesson-22

Lesson 23

Mehndi Tatto Design 2 Sesson-23

Lesson 24

Floral Mehndi Designs Sesson-24

Lesson 25

Unique Check Box design Sesson-25

Lesson 26

Bridal Mehndi Design 1 Sesson-26

Lesson 27

Bridal Mehndi Design 2 Sesson-27

Lesson 28

Bombay Style Mehndi Design Sesson-28

Lesson 29

Mehndi Line Designs Sesson-29

Lesson 30

Full hand filling design Sesson-30

A course by

Art has been a passion and profession for Jasnoor Kaur, the trainer for Mittsure’s Mehandi course. Jasnoor is a self-learned artist. She has been closely associated with paintings and art since 2009 and invokes optimism through art for herself and others. Jasnoor believes that art is a tool to express oneself and that art enhances creativity.

Jasnoor Kaur conducts regular workshops and helps others learn and acquire artistic skills. As a volunteer, she has conducted multiple art & craft classes and Mehandi classes for students.

Jasnoor explores the globe through her compositions, designs, colours and materials. She exhibits her art in several online and offline exhibitions across the globe.

Apart from painting, Jasnoor is also interested in faux calligraphy, decoupage, doodle art, warli art, drawing & painting, candle making, and waste crafts. She is an expert in Mehandi art and knows different Mehandi styles and designs, not limited to, Arabic style, Bombay style, fusion style and bridal Mehandi design.

Teaching has been part of Jasnoor’s life for 6 years now. She believes that her decision to teach people and students is the best decision of her life and she takes joy and pride in teaching others.

Jasnoor is always on a hunt to teach people using different mediums. Currently, one of the platforms she is using to enhance others' skills is Mittsure Mehandi course. Mittsure is happy to have her on board to help individuals enhance their talent.

1. Individuals above the age of 10 who wish to learn Mehandi

2. No prior experience is required. The course is for beginners

3. All children & adults

  • Price

You only need

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile access for an hour

Broadband internet connection

Headset(Not Mandatory)