The art of getting what you want

  • Mittlearn
  • November 16, 2022

Getting what we want always gives us a sense of joy and happiness. Right from kids to adults, desire to get what they want in life, relationship and career. Some people know the technique to get what they want, but some do not get what they want. We always look for strategies or techniques that would help us get what we want. Here is a secret to getting what you want.

Wishing for a magic wand or a special formula for getting what you want? No there isn’t a special formula or magic wand. Then how to get what you want? Read on to know about it.

The first and foremost secret to getting what you want is YOU. Wondering how? Yes, one should know and recognise what one wants in life, career and relationship. However, one should understand the fine difference between need and want.

Now, that you have recognised what you want, the next thing is getting what you want.


Confidence is key to getting what one wants. Lack of confidence prevents one from accomplishing or achieving the career, relationship and life goals set. From a career perspective, one could get numerous opportunities if one is confident. Any barrier in life, relationship and career could be overcome if one is confident in handling the situations. For instance, if one wants a long-standing relationship or a career as an entrepreneur there would be numerous situations that would prevent one from achieving this. On such occasions, confidence would help overcome the challenge and achieve what one wants.


A technique that would help one to get what they want in a relationship is a lack of expectations. Life is full of expectations, but the relationship is not. In a relationship having expectations hurts and breaks relationships. But, in life and in particular, in a career, having expectations is important. For example, the expectation of getting placed in a management-level position in a reputed company will motivate an individual to work towards achieving this goal or aid them in getting what they want.


To get what you want, or to achieve a goal, planning is essential. This would help in outlining the strategies and directions an individual can take to achieve the set goals or get what they want. Planning is very important in getting what you want in your career and life. However, it might be less relevant in achieving relationship goals.


To get what you want, you need to be persistent. Success does not come easily, mistakes and failure would accompany the journey to achieving success. But, one cannot give up and should put in the effort to achieve the set long-term, short-term and medium-term life, career and relationship goals. Getting what you want is very simple because it entirely depends on you. In simple terms, working hard and self-belief would help an individual in getting what they want. Not giving up despite the hardships faced would help one achieve or get what one wants.