FX80C Concert body cutaway



Inclusive of all taxes

An exclusive model for India with Affordable Price

  • Concert body cutaway with comfortable playability for beginners
  • High durability and stability proven by Yamaha’s quality standard
  • Made in Yamaha Music India factory

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Perfect Starter Guitar

Quality and tone at an affordable price is the hallmark of our F series guitars.

Yamaha guitars have passed lots of quality checking process and strict quality tests.These works are leading to high durability and stability.

These guitars share every bit of the passion that ignites our premium ranges and are the perfect instrument for student or seasoned player alike.

Yamaha has especially handcrafted FS80C in the Yamaha Music India factory. Prior to mass production, there are extensive layers of the process. Starting with research and scrutiny to optimise materials, accelerated environmental testing is done and then each completed instrument is inspected by trained professionals to ensure quality, estimate cost and its sustainability factor. This is a piece of happiness, made for the country and all the guitar enthusiasts!


Don’t miss out on this absolute soul comforting guitar with concert body cutaway. Tuning this guitar will be effortless, and the rich sound this will emanate when you strum the chords will make it worth your while!


This guitar is a strong pick for those who are looking for excellent performance at an even better price. This makes the FS80C desirable and iconic as it infuses your life with passion. Who doesn’t want to hone and nurture a talent, especially when it comes at such an attractive price?


Durable, stable and sturdy owing to Yamaha’s legacy of standard quality that never disappoints. A beginner guitar must be manufactured to make the sound you plan to produce, and this one is going to top your list if you are just starting to learn.


A guitar that lives long, a guitar that fuels your passion and makes it strong – Meet the Yamaha F280 & FS80C . A unique acoustic guitar that is made exclusively for India. Come, discover more about yourself!

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FX80C Concert body cutaway