Organisational skills that children can use to better their grades

  • Mittlearn
  • November 16, 2022

A student’s life is engulfed with numerous academic and extracurricular activities, and succeeding is important. However, studies point out that a lack of organisational skills is a key barrier to success. Hence, staying organised is important for students to improve their performance or grades.

Organisational skills are important for students of any age. Some of the benefits of possessing organisational skills are it helps prioritise tasks, reduces stress, helps achieve set goals, increases efficiency and productivity and even helps students collaborate with others.

Now, let’s look at the organisational skills the children could use to improve their grades.

Prepare a checklist

The checklist is one of the tools that would help the students to stay organised. It would help the students to list all their tasks or activities and even help them to prioritise the activities or tasks. The checklist would help students track the activities required to complete a particular task. It even helps them to check if they have completed all.


The habit of sorting is important for not being disorganised. Sorting is another vital skill that helps students sort the assignments, homework, tests, quizzes and other activities based on subjects. Top priority tasks could be sorted out, and a separate list could be developed.

Practice brevity

Students should also recognise that doing many tasks in a day is not possible and might increase stress. Hence, students must develop a concise list of to-do-list for one day. This would help the students to complete the tasks such as graded coursework and assignments effectively.

School planners

A school planner is another great tool for students to stay organised. A study identified that writing helps enhance memory. Hence, making sure that the students write the tasks assigned in their school planners helps them complete their tasks such as graded assignments on time. Also, the parents are aware of the activities or tasks and they help their wards complete the tasks on time.

Visual tools

Visual tools are another way to improve organisational skills in students. This is particularly useful for kids, and using visuals helps students to remember and be organised. Different stickers could be used by students that resemble the different activities such as graded assignments and exam.


Students should set a time for cleaning their study space or area. This is another vital part of staying organised. This will help identify if any material is required for achieving a particular goal. For instance, if a pencil or eraser is not found while cleaning, they could purchase it and be ready for the next week. If certain books or materials or needed for learning, they could purchase or access them.   Organisational skills are important for students to improve their academic performance. One can learn this skill at any age, but starting early would help the students maintain a consistent performance. Children need the support of teachers and students alike to stay organised. Staying organised helps students to achieve their set educational goals. Organisational skill is not just helpful for students in academics, but they will also be helpful for the students in their future career.