Learning an instrument: When should one start playing the guitar?

  • Mittlearn
  • November 16, 2022

Music has the power to heal and is an art form that can transform lives. Music does not necessarily mean that one has to sing. There are several other ways to play music, such as by learning to play an instrument. One could learn different types of instruments such as string, percussion, keyboard, brass and woodwind.

Why should one learn to play a musical instrument?

Playing a musical instrument is considered an extracurricular activity in educational institutions. It is not just a talent, fun or an entertainment activity. It is much more than that, it positively impacts an individual who plays the instrument and those who listen to it.

Learning to play a musical instrument entails numerous benefits. Researchers reveal that playing musical instruments or taking musical lessons might help individuals to relieve stress. It also reveals that it reduces agitation and anxiety, releases emotions, improves communication and enhances individuals’ cognitive functions and mental health. In addition, it helps improve patience, confidence, coordination, listening skills, memory, creativity and many more.

Musical instrument- Guitar

A guitar is a string-type instrument, and there are three types of guitar, bass, electric and acoustic guitar. This string instrument is used in different music genres and is the most played instrument globally. The benefits of playing the guitar are similar to playing any musical instrument.

The right age for playing the guitar

A common perception is that age 7 is the right age to play the guitar. However, this is just an estimate because every student’s learning style, needs and capability are different and their ability to learn this skill would differ.

Starting to play the guitar at an early age would be beneficial, and the students could master the skill at an early age. However, it is also to be noted that people from any age group could potentially learn to play the guitar, and there is no age limit for learning. Considering this, the parents should not force their children to learn, which would not motivate the students. Rather, it would decrease their motivation level.

Not just age, the students should be capable of playing the guitar chords and notes. Additionally, they should have finger strength and sufficient dexterity. Also, the students should possess good listening skills because it is not mere blackboard teaching and they should be able to replicate what the teacher does.

The guitar is one of the musical instruments which the students can learn to play. One could learn to play the guitar at any age. However, learning to play the instrument at an early age has numerous advantages. This extracurricular activity would be fun and entertaining for the students and help them take a break from the academic pressure they face from teachers and parents alike.