How To Take Care of Your Mental Health and Manage Academic Expectations

How To Take Care of Your Mental Health and Manage Academic Expectations
  • Mittlearn
  • September 13, 2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic, students across the globe have adopted a new way of studying through online classes and home-school setups. Online classes, online exams, and waiting for the results have confused many students about their futures. The new way of learning and managing academic expectations has come with its benefits and drawbacks. Mental health is one of such major drawbacks that students have to struggle with the most.

Being a student is exciting as well as a stressful job. So, mental well-being is an important issue among students whether they are in their first or final year.

Each student’s mental health impacts their learning and achievement. The state of mental health and awareness reflects the learning potential of a student, his coping capacity with normal stress, and connectivity with friends, society, and community.

Here are a few tips on how to look after the mental health of a student.

Feeling stressed? Talk about it.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the pressure of course curriculum, exams, and results on students is a lot to handle. One can easily feel apprehensive. If a student finds himself stressed or anxious, he should talk to someone about it and find ways to feel better about the situation! Along with the study, students also need to relax and do something to enjoy. That small relaxing time will help them feel positive and give them much-needed break from their studies.

Be active 

Practicing small exercises for 10 to 20 minutes keeps a student energetic throughout the day. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety. 10-minute YouTube Yoga Routine, jogging, skipping, or Zumba dance keeps the body active. According to reports, students who are engaged in aerobic or Yoga exercises experience improvements in their stress, anxiety, and mental health levels.

Get enough sleep

We know it is difficult, but trying to get seven or eight hours of sleep will benefit you massively. It is tougher to maintain your student life when you’re packed with project deadlines, revisions, notes, and all. Regular sleeping of seven to eight hours a day keeps your body and mind calm, and gives you a relaxing and stress-free “me” time.

Keep yourself grounded

It is quite difficult for students to keep their minds away from anxious thoughts and stress during exams or results. Thus, finding some mental exercises is a great way to stay away from those negative thoughts. Meditation is another way to keep you grounded and away from anxious spiraling.

Switch up your routine

A daily routine is great but following the same pattern, every day becomes boring. In the case of a student, it badly affects his/her mood. Therefore, instead of ignoring your routine, make a few changes to it. Plan a new study session with your friends or go for a walk with your family or siblings just for refreshment.

Ask for help

When it’s extreme, instead of dealing with the stress and anxiety alone, reach out for help. If you feel you’re not yourself, contact a local counselor or book an appointment with mental health support provided by your institution. Various organizations offer free counseling and online counseling services as well.

The learning stage of a student is difficult, but the students who are in colleges or universities face more difficulties to deal with the course syllabus and mental health. Though studying hard brings many opportunities and a better career in the future, it also creates stress. Therefore, they must find the perfect ways to help themselves succeed, while managing their mental health and wellbeing.