EdTech aims to augment your learning!

  • Mittlearn
  • November 16, 2022

Across the globe, industries are transforming in numerous ways, and technology plays a critical role in aiding this transformation. The education industry is not immune to such transformation. Technology is widely used in the education industry, transforming the teaching and learning process. The usage of technology in the sector particularly increased during the pandemic. Some of the technologies widely used in the education sector are virtual reality, cloud technology, gamification, mobile technology, interactive platform for teachers and students, learning management systems and many more.

EdTech sounds like a new word? But, it is just a blended word of education + technology= EdTech. This refers to using technologies, software and hardware in the education sector to improve the learning process and the student’s performance.

How this EdTech improves learning has been experienced by educational institutions and students during the pandemic. Here, some of the benefits of EdTech are highlighted to communicate how EdTech augments learning.

Enhanced engagement

The usage of technology in educational institutions helps in improving the engagement level of students with study materials. The materials are accessible to the students anytime, anywhere. Moreover, tutors dedicate most of the time to lectures in classroom learning, and the time taken to clarify the doubts is minimal. This problem is eradicated through technology, which aids the students in communicating with their tutors and students ask questions to clarify their doubts.

Remote education

Remote education became popular during the pandemic when the students had to stay home due to lockdown. Technology such as the internet allows students to learn even from remote areas. Also, the usage of technology is that which helped educational institutions implement the Distance Education method.

Access to study materials

Technology, both software and hardware, allows the students to access study materials, including the lecture notes, recorded videos, reading list suggested, submit assignments and many more. An example of this is the learning management systems used by the institutions. This system that provides access to materials helps in improving the learning process. Additionally, feedback is also provided through these systems. The students could view those to improve their academic performance.

Games and simulation

Technology also improves students’ learning by presenting practical exercises such as games and simulations. For instance, a problem-solving scenario is presented as an online game or simulation. This motivates the students to learn because simulation and game exercises are entertaining.

EdTech also makes teaching interesting and fun because the teachers can communicate effectively with the students and help them improve their performance.

The current generation of students are not new to technologies and gadgets. Hence, promoting and implementing EdTech to augment the learning process is essential for imparting knowledge to the students.

EdTech is important for aiding in learner development and growth. Educational institutions play a critical role in shaping the life and career of students. They should recognise the significance of using technologies and invest in them. The return on investment incorporates several non-monetary benefits, such as those outlined in this article.