Instant Cooking & Baking – A Course for Beginners!

Instant Cooking & Baking – A Course for Beginners!

Instant Cooking & Baking – A Course for Beginners!

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About Course

Cook like a professional, master basic techniques of cooking Indian as well as international dishes

Trainer’s Name – Sonam Chouhan


Cooking might sound to be a simple skill however; it takes a lot of learning and practice to cook well. There are thousands of ingredients in the market and each recipe requires a different blend of specific ingredients. To top it all off, there are different cooking techniques to prepare different dishes. Indian dishes require a different kind of approach while cooking continental dishes can require top-notch baking skills. All this can be extremely overwhelming for someone who is new to cooking or wants to cook like a pro.

Everyone needs to know the basics of cooking. Irrespective of gender or age, knowledge of cooking can help people develop healthy eating habits. In today’s busy life, people find it easy to order food from outside rather than cooking at home. Eating restaurant food every day can badly affect our health. On the other hand, if someone knows the basics of cooking, they can quickly prepare a healthy and delicious meal at home without stressing about it. Children become comfortable with home-cooked food if they are taught the basics of cooking at an early age – here we are talking about gaining the knowledge. It doesn’t necessarily mean that children have to cook.

For some people, cooking can also prove to be a therapy. There are studies which prove that cooking a good meal can reduce stress and have a calming effect on the human mind. Furthermore, cooking food at home can keep your budget in control along with taking care of your health.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today to learn the basics of cooking Indian and continental food!

About The Course

Mittsure’s Instant Cooking & Baking course introduces the students to the basics of cooking techniques. This course will teach you how to cook some popular Indian and continental dishes with utmost perfection. The course is ideal for someone who has no prior experience in cooking but wants to learn the basics. This course will not make you a professional chef but it will set you on the journey by teaching you how to control the ingredients and spices and cook delicious food.

Mittsure’s Instant Cooking & Baking course is divided into 30 sessions. Each session is delivered through a short video with an average duration of 12-13 minutes. Our team of experienced trainers has designed this course in a manner that can be easily followed by all age groups (starting 7 years and above). Our trainers will cook along with you and guide you at each step. You can pause the videos and work with our trainers at your comfort and pace.

Not only this, we have other modes of training available as well. If you like learning in groups, you can enroll in an online class or you can even opt for a one-on-one session with the trainer for a more personalized experience.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Improve your cooking ability in the kitchen
  • Cook a variety of dishes with ease and comfort
  • Gain knowledge of Indian herbs and spices
  • Bake like a professional
  • Use the knowledge of some basic ingredients and apply it to create hundreds of delicious dishes

Sounds interesting? Join us today and become a pro at cooking!

About the Trainer

The course is designed by Sonam Chouhan, who has an experience of 4 years in professional cooking. Sonam belongs to Kota, Rajasthan. She has completed all of her education and cooking training at her birthplace. Through Sonam’s videos, she will teach you a variety of dishes without fire, cakes, desserts, pudding, and many more.

Mittsure is happy to have Sonam on board to help individuals enhance their cooking talent.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Become a master in basic cooking techniques which can be used to create a variety of dishes
  • After completion, you will get a better understanding of Indian and continental cooking
  • You will learn what ingredients you require to start your cooking journey
  • You will learn how to make cheese balls, lava cake, paneer bhurji, pizza crackers, ice cream, cheesy pasta, and much more!


  • Steady and high-speed internet connection for watching the videos
  • Cooking ingredients as explained in each video
  • Basic kitchen utensils


  • The course is specially designed for beginners who want to set a solid foundation for their cooking journey
  • Age – 7 yrs. & above
  • All children & adults

Course Content

Cheese balls are generally prepared in 2 ways. The first part of this video explains how to prepare Cheese Balls using boiled potatoes, and the second part explains how to prepare cheese balls using bread. This almost 23-minute video explains each step of the Cheese Ball making in detail so that you can get the same results as shown in the video.

Lesson 2
Cheese carrot roll is a cheesy and colourful roll, which can be easily prepared by following the right approach taught in this video. This dainty snack is a mixture of grated veggies like carrots or beetroots with cream and cheese tucked in rolled flatbread. This roll recipe is slightly crispy outside while smooth and succulent inside.

Lesson 3
Bombay sandwich is delicious and popular street food in Mumbai. This video teaches you to prepare many variations of a regular Bombay sandwich like cheese grilled sandwich, vegetable grilled sandwich, aloo masala grilled sandwich, etc. The Bombay sandwich is the easiest and simplest snack eaten with Green Chutney or Mint chutney.

Lesson 4
As the name suggests, Banarasi Milk Puri is a delicate and delicious native dish from the streets of Banaras. In this video, you can learn 2 different ways to make Banarasi Milk Puri. These triangular puris are flavoured with highly aromatic fennel seeds, cardamom powder, saffron milk, and mawa.

Lesson 5
As the name suggests, Mango Cardamom Shake’s main ingredients are Mango and cardamom. Wait! Some other ingredients are added to the recipe for a perfect flavour. Learn about all the ingredients along with correct proportions in this video.

Lesson 6
One of the easiest and quickest recipes to learn. This sandwich contains a layer of chutney, sliced vegetables like cabbage, green pepper, carrot, onion, and green chili. However, you can add any of your favorite vegetables such as sweet corn, beets, cucumber, cheese, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

Lesson 7
Aloo Tikki is an Indian street food cuisine that is super delicious and appetizing. This mouth-melting snack recipe originated from north India but has large fans all over India today. Generally, chaat recipes are prepared from boiled potatoes. Learn the step-by-step process to cook this savoury dish with perfection.

Lesson 8
One of the most popular Indian dishes, paneer tikka is a scrumptious tandoori snack made from cottage cheese. Cottage cheese cubes are marinated in the right blend of spices, curd, lemon juice, and coriander leaves. The marinated cubes are then arranged on skewers and grilled in the oven. Don’t have an oven? That’s ok. This video will teach you to prepare paneer tikkas on a stovetop.

Lesson 9
Vegetable cutlets or veg cutlets are a savoury evening-time snack dish. Veg cutlet is a combination of mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, spices, fresh herbs, corn flour, and breadcrumbs, all added in the right proportion. Learn the art of making this snack with correct precision.

Lesson 10
In this video, you will learn how to make this colourful dish in a healthy way. The chef has used vegetables like carrot, cucumber, cabbage, herbs, and spices as a substitute for artificial colours. Once you learn the technique, you can use your favourite vegetables to recreate the recipe.

Lesson 11
Papri/Papdi Chaat is a famous North Indian food snack. Papdi chaat is made by mixing an array of ingredients such as potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, papdi, chutneys, curd, and sev. Some specific herbs and spices can increase the taste by multiple folds. Our trainer will teach you the right blend required to make a perfect chaat recipe every time.

Lesson 12
Learn how to make another baking dish. A swiss roll is made out of ingredients like milk, oreo biscuits, mawa, and cocoa powder. Learn how to enhance the taste of your Swiss roll flavoured chocolate mixes, jams like apricot, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, etc. 

Lesson 13
This video will help you to add another dissert dish to your profile. This easy-to-make recipe requires some readily available ingredients. Bachelor’s pudding is layered with biscuits, custard, coffee, whipped cream and garnished with dry fruits or fresh fruit slices. Learn the right technique and prepare this dish with our trainer.

Lesson 14
Lava cake or Choco Lava Cake is the favorite dish of all kids. Lava Cake is supremely rich and chocolaty as it is cakey on the outside whereas the center is filled with warm dark chocolate that oozes out when you cut into it. This dish requires specific baking skills. Our trainer will take you through the complete process in this video.

Lesson 15
Let's learn to prepare an Indian dessert now. Mango Shrikhand is a popular Indian dessert made of yogurt and mango puree. Shrikhand is one of the popular dishes of Maharashtra and Gujarat during festivals and celebrations. This Shrikhand recipe is a little complicated, but our trainer will take you through the detailed process in the simplest possible manner.

Lesson 16
Paneer bhurji is a popular North Indian dish made from Indian cottage cheese. Paneer Bhurji is generally cooked using a few vegetables like tomatoes, onion, and green chilli and garnished with freshly plucked and chopped coriander leaves. In this video, you will learn to prepare this quick and simple vegetarian version of the Indian scrambled eggs or egg bhurji.

Lesson 17
Puffed rice Balls or Murmure Laddu is a traditional sweet dish made using ingredients like puffed rice, jaggery, ghee, and water. This dish is mainly served during festivals such as Diwali. This lip-smacking sweet recipe requires the right blend of puffed rice and jaggery. Our trainer will teach you how to blend the ingredients in the correct proportions for perfectly shaped balls.

Lesson 18
Stuffed Monaco Biscuits is an Indian version of normal sandwich biscuits. This is a savoury and delicious recipe made with boiled potatoes, onions, corn, pomegranate arils, and some Indian herbs and spices instead of whipped cream or chocolate cream. Learn different variations of stuffed Monaco biscuits with our trainer.

Lesson 19
Pizza cracker is an easy-to-make appetizer. This quick-fix snack gives you the matching flavour of a pizza with a unique texture. Our trainer will teach you how to top cream cracker biscuits using pizza sauce, chopped capsicum, cheese, and chilli flakes.

Lesson 20
Learn how to make Benny Puff recipe with chef Sonam Chouhan. The chef has given this recipe an Indian touch by adding Rajma (Indian red beans or kidney beans) masala. Loaded with mozzarella cheese and rajma Masala stuffings, this delicious dish is enough to brighten up your healthy and hearty brunch time.

Lesson 21
Lasagna is a complex Italian dish which requires skills and practice. Loaded with cheese, rich white and red sauce and crunchy veggies, this recipe is a winner for guests. The trainer will teach you how to prepare an easy version of lasagna using bread slices.

Lesson 22
In this video, you will learn how to make a regular burger using cottage cheese. Other ingredients required will be spicy potatoes, vegetables, spices, herbs, and of course, burger buns. 

Lesson 23
Baking a cake is not as easy as it seems to be. Our well-experienced trainer will make this complicated process easy for you through this NO OVEN recipe. Note down the list of things you require, grab everything from your kitchen pantry, get into the kitchen and follow video instructions to bake a perfect cake.

Lesson 24
This video will teach you how to make a perfect chocolate ice cream at home. Once you have mastered this recipe, you can then use the same technique to prepare other varieties of ice cream as well.

Lesson 25
Coconut Laddo is a popular and traditional dessert in India. This recipe made with grated coconut and sugar or jaggery. Watch this video till the end, and learn the right ingredient proportions to make perfectly round laddoos.

Lesson 26
Coconut Pudding is a simple and refreshing coconut-based dessert. Tender coconut pudding is prepared from fresh coconut slime with coconut water as primary ingredients. Learn the right technique for preparing a pudding in this video.

Lesson 27
This video will teach you how to prepare an interesting dish using jelly and custard powder layers. Decorate the dish further with fruits and other assortments. 

Lesson 28
This video will teach you how to make one of the popular comfort food recipes, pasta. Cheesy Pasta is prepared using some basic ingredients like pasta and mozzarella cheese. 

Lesson 29
In this video, you will learn how to make a pineapple pastry. Layers of pineapple sauce and whipped cream are topped on the drenched cake to create a perfect balance of sweet cream and tangy pineapple. Once you have perfected this recipe, you can apply the same basic techniques to prepare other pastry variations as well.

Lesson 30
Pista bread is a unique, healthy, and colorful recipe that is generally prepared during festive seasons. This super easy and divinely delicious pista bread is moist and gives an amazing taste to your taste buds. Our trainer will teach you a step-by-step approach to bake this delicious recipe.

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