Are you searching for innovative ways to improve your student performance?

  • Mittlearn
  • November 16, 2022

Educational institutions and teachers are a guiding force for students and they play a critical role in the growth and development of students. No one can negate the influence the institutions and teachers have on their students. The institutions transform the students into professionals and are entrusted with numerous responsibilities, one of which is improving student performance.

Teachers and educational institutions use conventional teaching methods that are no longer effective in improving student performance. A study substantiates this fact. Research on 550 faculties in Canada and United States revealed that 55% of them use conventional teaching methods, which are ineffective. This calls for teachers and institutions to utilise innovative ways to improve students’ performance.

Some of the innovative ways educational institutions and teachers could use to improve student’s performance are outlined below.

Data analytics: In the era of digital technologies, educational institutions could make use of data analytics. This analysis helps the institutions analyse the students’ past performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, the teachers and educational institutions could devise strategies to improve student performance. For instance, they could provide personalised learning materials and the teacher could adopt their teaching style. These would be helpful for students to learn effectively and improve their academic performance.

Use technology: Gone are the days of traditional teaching methods where the teachers used only blackboards and textbooks for teaching students. In order to improve student performance, educational institutions should use technology. Integrating technologies into classroom teaching is one of the ways through which students’ performance could be improved. For instance, while teaching a particular subject such as about animals’ natural habitat. A video presentation could be shown in the classroom. This will increase the students’ interest in learning, thereby increasing their performance.

A mobile application or a learning management system could be developed to inform the students, remind them about homework and assignments, provide lecture materials, store data, and much more. Also, the results of the exams and assignments could be shared with the students and parents through the app. This would help parents be aware of the children’s performance and they also could help their children to improve performance.

QR code or instant messaging facility: Lack of communication and access might hamper the students’ performance. Hence, instant messaging applications or QR codes could be used by institutions that provide students access to information and the ability to connect with lecturers through a secure channel.

Research-based learning: Teachers could trigger curiosity in students by asking them questions that require them to do research on the internet or in books. The students could then share their information and different perspective in class.

Without technology, there is no innovation. Teachers and educational institutions should acknowledge this. Through the incorporation of technology, educational institutions could improve their students’ academic performance. The innovative ways specified above could be used by the institutions that kindle students’ interest and improve their engagement, which ultimately leads to improved performance.