10 tricky words in English and how to avoid misspelling

  • Mittlearn
  • November 16, 2022

English is a beautiful language most commonly used for communicating in most workplaces. One of the biggest challenges in the English language is misspelling. Not quite often, the pronunciation and spelling of the words are the same. There are numerous words where people get stuck with spelling while writing and check twice or think over the spelling.

Misspelling is not new. Everyone would have faced the situation. On such occasions, there are possibilities for the meaning of the sentence to change, leading to miscommunication. Hence, it is imperative to ensure misspelling is avoided at any cost. 

This article lists ten tricky words, and how one could avoid misspelling them is explained in detail.

  • Stationary and stationery: This is one of the trickiest words in English, where people often get confused. Stationery points to pencils, pens, erasers, gum etc. and stationary refer to objects not moving. The trick to use here to prevent misspelling is associating e from the word stationery with envelopes and erasers.
  • Separate: Often, people get confused and write seperate because most pronounce it like that. When using this word, one should think of “a rat”.
  • Necessary: The common mistake people make and often get confused about is whether one should use two s or two c. The trick one could use to prevent misspelling here is to think of one cap (C) and two shoes for two S.
  • Misspell: The irony here is that the word misspell itself is a tricky word where people often end up using one S. One could think of the word miss when writing the word misspell.
  • Desert and Dessert: These words are also often confusing where dessert is related to food and desert is an area or land. When using these words, think no one can say no to food, and they always want more, particularly chocolate, cake, ice creams, etc. Hence, think of double sweet for double S when writing dessert.
  • Humorous: This word is often misspelt because the spelling and pronunciation vary. One could perceive that O supports R from either side.
  • Complement and compliment: Complement is an add-on or that which enhances something, so associate enhance with the letter e for the word complement. A compliment is an appreciation. When someone appreciates, the person feels happy. “I feel happy”, so remember I is used in the word compliment.
  • Angle and angel: Quite often, misspelt words are angle and angel. To help prevent misspelling, think of angels are pretty so associate this with gel. This would help write angel.
  • Accommodation: Associate this with the hotel, and it is comfortable with two cots hence, two Cs and two mattresses hence, two Ms.
  • Personnel: Personnel refers to workers or employees, which could be considered as number of employees. The higher the number of employees the better it is. Hence, double n before e is used.

The tricks above will ensure that one never misspells a word while writing. Come up with tricks like those discussed in this article to avoid misspelling.